Georgia Pacific

Georgia Pacific

Georgia Pacific

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia-Pacific is a leading manufacturer of tissue, packaging, paper, pulp, building products and related chemicals. Georgia-Pacific industrial products include familiar brands such as Quilted Northern®, Angel Soft® and Brawny®. The products have broad applications in production centers, maintenance and engineering functions, office/plant/warehouse washrooms and service vehicles.  Georgia-Pacific products will help improve safety, operational efficiency, hygiene and environmental responsibility and contribute to decreased waste. IBT Industrial Solutions is a major distributor of Georgia-Pacific products, such as:

  • Industrial All Purpose Wipers & Cleaning Cloths
  • Paper Towels & Paper Towel Dispensers
  • Soaps & Hand Sanitizers
  • Bathroom Tissue & Bathroom Tissue Dispensers
  • Toilet Seat Covers
  • Dispenser Keys, Parts & Accessories
  • Air Fresheners

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