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Motorola Solutions

Motorola radios play an essential role in every type of industrial business by linking workers together with instant voice communication.

By simply pressing a button, workers can ask questions and get answers without leaving their workstation, improving the efficiency of every type of operation. Whether you are a small company of 10-20 employees or a large plant with thousands, instant communication will save you so much time, you will save thousands in annual labor costs. (see Reduced Labor Cost pdf on this page).

Motorola invented the radio in the 1930s and continues to lead the marketplace by developing and producing state-of-the-art radio technology for business, government and public safety worldwide.

Motorola offers these types of radios for industrial businesses:

1) Analog radios: CLP, CLS, RM and RD

2) Digital 900 MHz radios: DTR and DLR

3) Digital and analog radios: CP200d MOTOTRBO

4) Intrinsically Safe analog radios: VX-451

See individual radio series pdfs on this page.

More about Motorola Radios:

1. Crisp audio quality. Enables users to clearly hear messages whether at a machine, on a forklift, or on a jobsite.
2. Rugged durability. Motorola radios are durable and built to withstand everyday use and meet U.S. Military 810 C, D, E, F specifications and IP54/55.
3. Long battery life. Motorola radios will last throughout an entire shift and rapid charging ensures batteries are ready to go within a few hours.
4. Increased coverage. Motorola radios extend communication coverage up to 350K sq. ft. and 30 floors, enabling workers to communicate from the front door to the loading dock.
5. Affordability. Motorola radios are low cost, require no monthly airtime fees and no per-minute charges, significantly reducing operational expenses and enabling quick return on investment.
6. Easy to use. Workers press a button to talk and listen to hear others. Radios also reduce the time it takes for new employees to achieve maximum productivity.
7. Speaker mics, earmuffs & earpieces. A wide range of options that make the radios easier to use in loud workplaces and adds to the lifespan of the radio.
8. Warranty. Motorola radios have a 2-year warranty while the Intrinsically safe and CP200d MOTOTRBO radios have a 3-year warranty.

For help choosing the best radio for your business or to set up free trial, contact your IBT Industrial Solutions representative today. Ask about any current Motorola rebate offers.

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