Precision Linear Motion

Nexen’s Precision Linear Motion technology is a combination of very high precision linear drive systems, compact harmonic gearheads, and high force brakes located at the drive motor or the linear guide system. Nexen provides zero backlash from the servo motor all the way through the linear drive system.

Roller Pinion System Rail Brakes
Rod Locks Servo Motor Brakes
Ball Screw Brakes Linear Couplings
Linear Motion Accessories


Precision Rotary Motion

Nexen’s Precision Rotary Motion technology is a combination of very high precision rotary drive systems, compact harmonic gearheads, high torque rotary brakes, and mechanical torque limiters all delivering zero backlash.

Harmonic Gearheads Roller Pinion Gear System
Precision Ring Drive Indexer Indexer Brakes
Ball Screw Brakes Mechanical Torque Limiters
Servo Motor Brakes Rotary Motion Accessories


Power Transmission

Power transmission requires torque and Nexen products provide torque in
a wide variety of clutches, brakes, torque limiters and coupling products.

Friction Clutches Tooth Clutches
Multiple Disc Clutches Dual Plate Clutches
Torque Limiters Friction Brakes
Clutch-Brake Combinations Clutch and Brake Accessories
Clutch and Brake Controls PT Facing & Repair Kits


 Tension Control Systems

Web control systems include tension control and web guide systems for the web industry.

Tension Control Clutches Tension Control Brakes
Sensors Tension Controllers
Tension Meters/Amplifiers Auxiliary Controls
Web Guide Systems Tension Control Accessories

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