The leader in total temperature control, Powerblanket designs and manufactures high technology temperature control products, including heating blankets, process cooling products, and smart control and monitoring devices that solve a wide range of temperature problems. Industries such as oil and gas, construction, industrial, mining, and railroad rely on innovative Powerblanket® technologies to control the temperature variable.  Choose from customized freeze protection systems to solutions for curing epoxy, composite materials, and ready mix concrete.  With Powerblanket, equipment lasts longer, projects stay on track, and fluids flow smoothly. Use Powerblanket year-round to prevent costly setbacks, increase productivity and achieve total temperature control.

Powerblanket products include:

  • Drum & Bucket Heaters
  • Tote Heaters
  • Concrete Curing & Ground Thawing Blankets
  • Bulk Material Warmers
  • Spray Foam Heaters
  • Drum & Tote Cooling Systems
  • And a myriad of custom solutions.

For more information visit us at:  www.Powerblanket.com.

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