Rexnord Power Transmission (PT) keeps industry moving with a broad portfolio of products including gear drives, bearings, couplings, industrial chain and a wide range of conveyor components.  Rexnord products and services enhance the reliability of equipment used worldwide, supporting industries such as transportation, mining, energy, food & beverage.  Rexnord’s expertise and focus on customer service ensures you have the right solution when you need it.

Rexnord is the most reliable in the industry when it comes to providing products that improve productivity and efficiency for industrial applications worldwide, with brands like Falk®, Rexnord® and Link-Belt®.

Rexnord’s commitment to customer satisfaction and superior value extends to every area of its business.

Delivering lowest total cost of ownership

Rexnord strives to be a trusted advisor, providing high quality product and service solutions that result in increase productivity and a dependable operation. Achieve a lower total cost of ownership through acquisition and installation savings, longer product life reduced downtime and maintenance.

Providing valuable expertise

Rexnord offers extensive product offering accompanied by global sales specialists. You can always rely on their top-of-the-line customer service and maintenance support, which is available anytime.

Enhancing ease of doing business

Commitment to operational excellence provides the right products to fit the right place at the right time. Rexnord products make any application job run smoothly, getting your operations back to work quicker.

Rexnord Introduces IIoT Smart Gear Drives

Reduce unplanned downtime, speed up recovery time, and optimize asset management for Falk V-Class Gear Drives. This digitally-connected solution monitors oil health in real-time and detects vibration, load, speed, and throughput, saving hours of manual effort and wait time. The internet-connected edge device has the capacity to translate product performance data and analytics into alerts and recommended actions – and become a fully predictive model for optimal asset management.

IBT Industrial Solutions is a major distributor of Rexnord products, including:

  • Bearings
  • Couplings
  • FlatTop Conveying Solutions
  • Gear Drives
  • Industrial Chain and Conveying Equipment
  • Power Transmission Services
  • PT Drive Components

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