In 1935, the Sealmaster® ball bearing was born. By 1946, the business had grown to a point where they built a new facility devoted to the exclusive manufacturing of ball bearings. Today, although they have expanded their product offering, they continue their focus on performance products.

They are positioned to grow their numerous specialty products, while maintaining their commitment to developing more problem solvers like the corrosion-resistant beverage bearing.

Contributing to the growth of the specially-designed Sealmaster bearing were these important features:
  • A locking pin and dimple system that prevents outer race rotation and ensures positive lubrication
  • A land riding brass retainer which minimizes ball wear
  • The felt-lined flinger seal for effective sealing against dirt
  • The inner race ball-path is zone hardened, so that the extended section could be left in its original soft state. Thus, the set- screw holes locking the unit to the shaft could be drilled and tapped


IBT is a proud distributor of Sealmaster. Contact us today about these top-performing lines:

Sealmaster PN Gold Mounted Ball Bearings

The PN Gold Mounted Ball Bearings feature a high-performance seal, 316 stainless steel or high-strength composite housings, in many housing and locking styles. These are useful for wash-down applications where corrosion resistance is critical.

Sealmaster Spherical Plain Bearings

Spherical plain bearings consist of an outer race formed around a hardened spherical ball. They provide a similar function as rod ends and require housing support.

Sealmaster Mounted Spherical Roller Bearings

Mounted spherical roller bearing assemblies consist of a sealed and lubricated inch spherical bearing with setscrew or adapter mount locking system. They are combined within a variety of housings types, mounting styles, and housing materials.

Sealmaster RPB Mounted Tapered Roller Bearings

RPB Mounted Tapered Roller Bearings are a dimensionally interchangeable upgrade from competitive Type E bearings. This results in increased performance.

Rod Ends and Spherical Plain Bearings

Rod ends and spherical plain bearings are designed to support a load. This combination also accommodates angular motion, misalignment and oscillation in mechanical motions systems.

Sealmaster Gold Mounted Ball Bearings

Gold Mounted Ball Bearings are a high performance mounted ball bearing. These ball bearings include many industry-leading features resulting in optimal performance for all applications.

Material Handling Bearings

Material Handling Mounted Ball Bearings offer an optional end cap. This allows customers to comply with OSHA requirements. This is for popular conveyor sizes in a variety of housings and locking styles.

Sealmaster RPB-CR Mounted Tapered Roller Bearings

The RPB-CR Corrosion-Resistant Performance Mounted Tapered Roller Bearings combine the features of the RPB Tapered Roller Bearings and a flouropolymer coated cast iron housing to withstand corrosive environments.

Sealmaster Paver Bearings

Paver bearings capitalize on well-known standard Sealmaster features. They further advance sealing technology to meet the continuing performance needs of industrial paving equipment.

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