SPX Hydraulics

SPX Hydraulics

SPX Hydraulic Technologies

SPX Hydraulic Technologies is a division within SPX Corporation, a Diversified Fortune 500 manufacturing leader with over $5 billion in annual revenue with operations in more than 35 countries. The Hydraulic Technologies division is based in Rockford, IL, USA with sales and manufacturing locations throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. There are six product brands which make up the Hydraulic Technologies division including Power Team, Bolting Systems, Stone, Globe, Rail Systems and Hytec.

Power Team

From hydraulic pumps, cylinders and valves to torque wrenches, clamping components and other specialty hydraulic tools, Power Team brand high-force tools and equipment are used wherever strong, concentrated force is required ― on construction sites, in power plants, on rail lines, in shipyards, in mining operations and more. Headquartered in the United States in Rockford, Illinois, the Power Team brand is marketed in 155 countries.

Bolting Systems

SPX Bolting Systems is a full service global manufacturer of controlled bolting solutions, including hydraulic torque and tensioning systems, industry specific certified training programs, system rentals, and flange management database software. We are your global partner in flange management, both in regards to infrastructure construction and operations and maintenance applications, enabling you to complete your project safely, in less time and on budget.


Stone offers one of the widest ranges of AC and DC compact hydraulic power units in the industry. In fact, Stone originated the interchangeable integrated-module hydraulic system. The power units are designed to solve a myriad of requirements in both fixed and mobile applications. There are tens of millions of Stone units in service today, serving markets around the globe. Stone personnel are strategically located in offices around the world to serve the global marketplace.


Globe motors are a series of compact heavy duty radial piston air motors offering an exceptional range of control valve and output options. The motors are four or five cylinder radial piston design with oil bath lubrication and are designed to develop greater power than other motors of equivalent size.


Hytec is a recognized leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Workholding components. Our product line includes workholding devices such as clamps, work supports and cylinders, as well as power sources, valves and manual pallet systems. Our products are manufactured in Rockford, IL, USA and backed by the Powerthon Lifetime Warranty.

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