Just like hard-working machinery, bodies need fuel. To ensure peak performance, employees need fuel that works as hard as they do … with a taste that keeps them revved up for more.

Sqwincher has served industrial workers since 1975. It is the only electrolyte replacement drink specially created for the high heat-stress environment of the workplace. Plant managers, safety directors, plant nurses and industrial hygienists rely on it to protect workers against heat stress and fatigue and shield operations against high disability costs, lost time and lowered productivity.

With Sqwincher as part of your safety program, the odds are in your favor. Contact IBT Safety for more information about which dispensing option would be most effective for your environment.  IBT Industrial Solutions is a major distributor of these products including Sqwincher:

  • Liquid Concentrate
  • Powder PackTM
  • Lite “Qwik Stik” Single-Serve Sugar-Free Powder Concentrate
  • Lite Liquid Concentrate
  • Fast Pack Single-Serve Liquid Concentrate
  • Sqweeze Freezer Pops
  • Ready-to-Drink

Visit their website: www.sqwincher.com

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