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System Components, Inc. is a well-known supplier of high-quality gear couplings for non-automotive industrial power transmission applications. In 1967 their roots were planted in South Haven, Michigan, where they still do 100% of manufacturing operations today. High-performing gear couplings supplied from System Components, Inc. accommodate for angular and axial offsets, with a long service life and minimal maintenance.

System Components, Inc. features a select range of standard and custom-designed, superior quality couplings that provide significant competitive advantages in power transmission applications.

Over the years, they have continued manufacturing superior-quality gear couplings, utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and a highly-skilled workforce. With decades of engineering experience in technical and design assistance, quotations and field support, they serve customers across a multitude of industries through their ability to custom-modify standard products or custom-engineer a special product to meet specific application requirements.

IBT Proudly Supplies A Large Product Offering Of System Components Couplings, Manufactured To The Highest Standards:

  • Standard higher quality steel for increased strength, durability and service life.
  • Higher grade bolts (grade 8 vs. grade 5).
  • Tighter critical and dimensional standards.

Superior Power Transmission Couplings

Trust System Components, Inc. for your coupling applications. Whether modifying an existing design, or developing a new one, they are always willing to prioritize customer needs and work hard to ensure an optimal solution. Applications include: Oil Well Pumps, Hydraulic Pumps, Printing Presses, Textile Machinery, Compressors, Mixers, Cranes, Winches and many more.

System Components Inc. manufactures high-quality gear coupling products that provide a long service life. Their couplings are competitively priced for initial installation and their superior design makes them cost-effective for the long run.

Other coupling product types available through System Components include: Flange, Continuous Sleeve, Elastomeric, Disc, and Rubber Industrial.

Specialty types and accessories offered include: Heavy Duty, High Misalignment, Couplings bored for Taper-Lock® Bushings, Brakewheel, Vertical Mount, Spacer, Floating Shaft, Limited End Float, Wedgegard™ shear pin, and more…

System Components offers couplings made from a variety of materials such as Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, 4140, etc.

Overload & Coupling Torque Limiters By Howdon Power Transmission

In order to overcome the problems associated with conventional round shearpins, Howdon Power Transmission developed a wedge-shaped shearpin, introducing a completely new concept for torque limiters. A comprehensive range of overload clutches have been produced using the Wedgegard™ Shearpin Torque Limiter, and are successfully employed worldwide protecting conveyor drives, sewage and process pumps, road tanker PTO drives, steel & paper mills, and marine propulsion, just to name a few.

Building upon the Wedgegard™ Shearpin Torque Limiter, Howdon continues to develop outstanding torque limiters for mechanical drive overload problems met in the increasing demands of today’s process plant requiring fail-safe, dependable overload protection.

Custom CNC Machining

System Components, Inc. offers an entire division dedicated to custom machining and have a team of experts for all aspects of machining: gray iron, aluminum, low to medium carbon and alloy steels, ductile iron, and many other materials.

Their innovative business model helps propel new ideas forward and with precision CNC machining in every department, you can guarantee the most intricate accuracy in each product. System Components is the best source for quality contract machining. Their complete services include prototype engineering, ultra-precision machining, CMM verification and special packaging.

System Components proudly uses ISO 9001:2008 as a quality standard and make quality inspection an integral part of the production process. Their investment in production quality is made evident by our state-of-the-art inspection and measurement equipment. The attention to detail is found in each step of the process from planning and administering the job to machining and finishing.

The accuracy shows their commitment to customer satisfaction by achieving or exceeding expectations. When you trust System Components with your machining jobs you can expect on-time delivery of your accurately machined parts.System Components is the only name to know for high-quality precision machining and value-added services including: special packaging, parts delivered in kits, special parts identification, inventory management, storage, and much more!

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