Are Your Bearings Really Considered ‘Food Safe’?

Consumer expectations and stringent health regulations increasingly challenge food manufacturers to guarantee higher food grade and hygiene standards. However, harsh chemicals and high-pressure sprays used in clean-in-place (CIP) procedures can quickly deteriorate product reliability. To avoid recalls costing up to $10 million, on average, producers must take a proactive approach to control and prevent foodborne […]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade to the Dodge® Torque-Arm II Today!

You’re working through your day just like you would any other day. Suddenly, your inbox and phone is buzzing with notifications. One of your site’s gear reducers is down…again. There is no time to waste, you know that as every minute of downtime ticks by, the cost is racking up. You have enough on your […]

Are Your Shaft Couplings The Best Fit For Your Application?

Every day, applications all over the world ⎼ like pumps, motors, compressors, gearboxes, blowers, mixers and conveyors ⎼ rely on shaft couplings to operate smoothly and efficiently. But what is it that makes shaft couplings a good fit for a given application? According to Tim Zerger, IBT’s Power Transmission Business Group Director, couplings are specified […]

5 Reasons To Invest In A Stainless Steel Gearbox

Any time there is a large purchase to be made, it is common to only see the short-term impact. Since stainless steel gearboxes have historically cost almost twice the amount of cast iron, aluminum or epoxy-painted gearboxes, people have struggled to see the long-term value in the investment. However, newer generations of stainless gearboxes not […]

New Metal Detectable Mounted Bearing Covers – Safer for Food Industry

Good news for food and beverage processors:  there is a brand-new technology available that makes bearing covers safer—and naturally more sanitary. Seen by X-Ray or Metal Detector The new patent pending metal detectable mounted bearing covers use a polymer material developed for ABB-Baldor specifically for use in food and beverage processing.  The end covers are […]

Baldor-Dodge Ball Bearings Help Sugar Beet Harvester Save Over $30,000/Year

Sugar beets are an important plant grown for the production of sugar. In fact, 54% of all of the U.S.’s sugar comes from sugar beets. The white, bulbous root is planted in large fields before it is seasonally harvested using large machines. The goal of the harvester is to pull the beets out of the […]

Dodge Gear Reducer Can Help Improve Uptime

No plant can afford to have processing lines shut down when inspectors find corrosion or other damage that can result from the cleaning process.  Therefore, understanding the various Housing, Venting, Lubrication and Sealing features available in washdown-capable Dodge Gear Reducers will help you select the most durable product.     Housing Materials Most washdown gear products are […]

Dodge Washdown Reducers Improve Operations In Harsh Duty Environments

Dodge QUANTIS E-Z KLEEN® washdown reducers and C-face gearmotors can improve operations in harsh duty environments, such as the food, beverage, packaging and pharmaceutical industries. The QUANTIS E-Z KLEEN family of products offers three types of gear reducers: In-Line Helical (ILH); Right Angle Helical Bevel (RHB); and Motorized Shaft Mount (MSM). These products feature a unique […]

Dodge MagnaGear XTR Reducers

The ultimate advancement in speed reducers-Dodge® MagnaGear XTR™. Engineered with Dodge proven planetary and helical gear technology! MagnaGear XTR reducers’ simple power-dense design offers torque ratings from 100,000 to 920,000 in-lbs. assuring increased reliability in a more compact, economical, heavy-duty package. With this torque range, MagnaGear XTR reducers will accommodate horsepower of over 2,500 HP, […]

Got a Shaft? Get a Grip!

When the Dodge (now Baldor) Grip-Tight Adapter Mounted Ball Bearing was introduced in the fall of 2002, the team responsible for designing and marketing the bearing knew they had a product that was like no other in the industry. Theirs was a uniquely engineered product with the potential to not only save customers money in […]