Elevate Food Safety with Corrosion-resistant Bearing Housed Units

The Corrosion-Resistant Poly-Round® Housed Units by Timken include a greaseless design increasing reliability, ultimately lowering your cost of ownership. When it comes to Food & Beverage Manufacturing, safety and sanitation regulations are stringent—and for good reason. A typical food production facility houses thousands of rolling element bearings that must be regularly inspected for grease purge, […]

Are Your Bearings Really Considered ‘FoodSafe™’?

Consumer expectations and stringent health regulations increasingly challenge food manufacturers to guarantee higher food grade and hygiene standards. However, harsh chemicals and high-pressure sprays used in clean-in-place (CIP) procedures can quickly deteriorate product reliability. To avoid recalls costing up to $10 million, on average, producers must take a proactive approach to control and prevent foodborne […]

Rugged Operations Dragging Down Performance? It’s Time for Timken!

Are your rugged operations causing premature failure of your bearings and housings? Tough jobs like mining and bulk handling can do a number on your equipment. Downtime and labor to fix failing equipment is money out of your pocket! When you’re facing this challenge it’s time to call IBT and get Timken.  Timken® gives you […]

Dodge® Smart Sensors — A Simple Step with Big Impact in Overcoming Mechanical Failure

Are you experiencing inconvenient and premature repairs to your mechanical equipment? Repairs can be frustrating. Like Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong, will, and at the worst time.” Thankfully, OPTIFY™ is paving the way for a new, simpler future. Issues like increased temperatures or vibration can cause more significant problems that leave employees […]