A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Install a V-Belt

Continental - How to Install a V-Belt

In the intricate world of industrial machinery, where precision and reliability hold the utmost importance, the V-belt plays a crucial role. Proper V-belt installation can make all the difference in maximizing performance and longevity in industrial settings. To ensure you’re on the right path, we’ve collaborated with Continental, a trusted leader in V-belt solutions known […]

Handle the Toughest Conditions Head-On with Constant Pressure Spiral Hydraulic Hose

Continental Constant Pressure Spiral Hydraulic Hose

From the construction industry to the agricultural industry to the aggregate industry and beyond, hydraulic hose has to meet the most demanding needs in the toughest of conditions. That’s why Continental’s Constant Pressure Spiral Hydraulic Hose was designed to offer superior quality and reliability with its abrasion-resistant design and flexibility in hard-to-reach areas. Read on to see how […]

Transform Your Workspace with Continental’s Shop In A Box

Avoid downtime by transforming your workspace into an in-house hydraulic and industrial hose crimp shop with Continental’s Shop In A Box. This turnkey setup features everything you need to get the job done quickly including: Four Crimpers to Choose From PC-125: Crimps -20 B2 fittings and -16 SG fittings. PC150: Crimps 1 – ½” B2 […]

Are Your Hoses Fighting Your Food & Beverage Facility’s Progress?

Success in food and beverage manufacturing comes down to a micro-moment. Manufacturers will spend years sourcing ingredients and appropriate flavors that help bring their vision to life. A critical point that tends to be overlooked in food manufacturing, is the hose used to transfer the product. When taste is everything you have to be sure […]