IBT’s Custom Pallet Unloading Equipment Prevents Injuries

Are you concerned about your staff unloading heavy, 50-pound bags from full pallets?  IBT’s Custom Pallet Unloading System can do the heavy work for you—and prevent injuries along the way. What Is an Automated Pallet Unloading System? Automated pallet unloading systems are a great alternative for loading and unloading pallets in a manufacturing or factory […]

StrongArm Manipulator Does All of Your Heavy Lifting

Are you using human muscle power to switch out propane tanks?  Think again.  When full, a 7-gallon tank weighs at least 50 lbs.—and requires a lift of 48-58 inches to reach a forklift truck cradle. Worse, the move is physically awkward, and runs a risk of back injury and strains—especially when the same employee is […]