Maximizing Equipment Reliability: Preventing Bearing Failure with NTN’s SPAW Series

Preventing Bearing Failure with NTN's SPAW Series

In the world of industrial equipment and machinery, bearings play a crucial role in supporting rotating components and ensuring smooth operation. The reliability of these bearings is paramount to overall equipment performance and productivity. This blog delves into the significance of preventing bearing failure and how NTN®’s SPAW Series contributes to maximizing equipment reliability. Understanding […]

Discover the Next Level of Quality Electric Motor Bearings


Wondering what the difference between “electric motor quality” bearings and standard ABEC-1 bearings are? In this piece, we’ll walk you through the terminology, how electric motor bearings are engineered, what applications to use them in, and how long their life span is.  What are “Electric Motor Quality” Bearings?  The term “electric motor quality”, or EMQ, […]