How to Choose the Right Bearing for Your Application

Manufactured needle bearings move in a linear fashion along a conveyor.

Bearings carry the weight of the world, acting as essential components of every kind of conveying you can imagine. But all bearings aren’t created equal! Choosing the right type of bearing for your application will make a big difference in the efficiency and longevity of your equipment. Different applications need different bearings to handle various […]

Maximizing Efficiency and Precision with Linear Ball Bearings and Round Shaft Guidance Systems

Schaeffler's Linear Ball Bearings and Round Shaft Guidance Systems

When it comes to industrial manufacturing, smooth and precise linear motion is essential to ensure accurate positioning, load capacity, and minimal friction. Linear ball bearings and round shaft guidance systems are common solutions for achieving these requirements. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at linear round shaft guidance systems and their applications in […]

Roller Bearings that Can Handle the Heft of Vibratory Applications

Nothing quite compares to the severe stresses that bearings are subjected to when it comes to vibratory applications. Vibrating screens and other vibratory machinery, such as road rollers and saw frames, cause excessive wear over time on the roller bearings that support them. That’s why spherical roller bearings are designed to deliver superior performance for […]

How to Prevent Contamination with a Reliable Bearing Seal

In harsh operating environments, bearings are constantly under attack from contaminants such as dirt, abrasive materials, caustic chemicals, extreme heat, and heavy shock loads. Because of this, selecting the right bearing seal to protect against contamination is often the most important consideration when choosing a bearing and housing assembly. To ensure efficiency in your facility, […]

What You Can Expect from Schaeffler’s X-life Bearings

X-life is the seal of quality for high-performance products from the INA and FAG product brands that are manufactured by Schaeffler, one of the world’s leading integrated industrial and automotive suppliers.  Rolling bearings are vitally important to the reliable and cost-effective operation of machinery and equipment in a wide range of industrial applications. Combined with […]

Investigating Bearing Failure—Spot The Clues & Uncover The Root Cause

According to Schaeffler, 85% of bearing failures are preventable. Learn how to spot the clues to eliminate the problem from the source and maximize your bearing life. Rolling bearings are at the heart of most machines and vehicles. When the bearing goes, the machine or vehicle stops. However, the bearing is often the “victim” and […]