Top 4 Causes Of Electric Motor Failure

Did you know that motor-driven equipment accounts for 64 percent of the electricity consumed in the U.S. industrial and commercial sectors? It’s hardly surprising when you think about it — most operations run on some type of motor whether it’s a drive fan, pump, compressor, saw, crusher, or conveyor. As an essential part to many […]

SIMOCODE Pro Redefines Dry Running Protection For Pumps In Hazardous Areas

A Monitoring Technology That Sets New Standards Safety has top priority in the chemical industry. This is because flammable media are used in hazardous areas, which are transported by means of pumps. Reliable dry running protection is a must. With SIMOCODE pro, Siemens delivers an innovative monitoring technology that breaks with conventional pump monitoring – […]

Fundamental Guide To Selecting Hazardous Location Motors

In the industrial sector, safety standards and regulations can add up—especially in the case of an electric motor operating in a combustible environment. But when human casualty, equipment casualty and property casualty are at risk, a thorough understanding and application of those standards and regulations are crucial, because both legal and physical damages can add up as well. […]

Siemens’ Big Winner in Motor Control and protection

Siemens has unveiled the next generation of its benchmark in multi-functional motor control and protection: SIMOCODE pro C. This unit gives you everything you get from SIMOCODE-DP, but gives a range of cost-saving benefits. But it is SIMOCODE pro V that really redefines the concept of modularity. The breadth of functionality and data access (including […]

Drives Offer Flexibility

The Siemens family of MICROMASTER low-voltage frequency inverters address drive applications in the power range extending from 0.12 kW up to 250 kW. They are designed for simple applications with voltage-frequency control (V/f control) to complex applications with closed-loop vector control and encoder feedback.  Contact IBT for more information. Meet the family: MICROMASTER 420 – the […]