The Best of 2014

The Best of 2014

This month, we’re bringing you the best, most popular articles from PrimeMover in 2014. It’s a special issue to celebrate a special year. You’ll find a wide variety of topics, on everything from cut protection—to Yaskawa Drives—to screw conveyors.

We want to thank you for being a loyal customer to IBT, and wish you a happy and successful new year in 2015!

PrimeMover’s Best of 2014:

mcr-93860-hiresChoose the Right Cut Protection for Your Hands: Cuts, lacerations, and punctures consistently rank in the top 3 categories for injury types, according to the National Safety Council. To find the right cut protection for your hands, you need a glove or sleeve that is tough—but comfortable.

Image 3IBT’s Employee Longevity = Better Experience for Customers: Looking for an industrial supply company with better, more knowledgeable customer service? Believe it or not, IBT’s employees stay for an average of 14.6 years—which is 10 years longer than the U.S. median for employment at a single company (at 4.6 years). The result? Happier customers—who get superior customer service.

yaskawa_notextDura-Line Uses Yaskawa Drives for Pipe Extruder Production: Dura-Line, a pressure pipe and conduit manufacturer based in Knoxville, Tennessee, uses Yaskawa drives to manage their extenders, pullers, and coilers.

IMG_1342Do You Need a Screw Conveyor… Or a Feeder Screw?: Many people don’t realize that there is a big difference between a screw conveyor and a feeder screw. The key is knowing how they are each loaded. Not sure of the difference? Learn about the right questions to ask—from specialist Steve Rubis at Conveyors, Inc.

sumostanceLadders – No Need to “Tie Off”: The new aerial Cage ladders from Little Giant Ladder Systems offer a lightweight safety cage on a platform that meets OSHA requirements at heights of over 6 ft.—so you don’t need to tie off.


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