The Premium Efficient Motor That Pays for Itself

The Premium Efficient Motor That Pays for Itself

To understand what a motor really costs, you need to compare the initial purchase price with the cost of the electricity it used over its working lifetime.

In these economically tough times, it may be easy to focus on how much you pay for the motor. But for most motors, this initial cost represents only 2% of its lifetime costs, while electricity accounts for more than 97%. The original purchase price is almost insignificant compared to what it will cost to power the motor during its useful life.

Image courtesy of BaldorABB’s line of Super-E® motors offers customers the highest level of overall efficiencies available from any motor manufacturer, meeting or exceeding NEMA Premium® efficiency.

Not only are these motors efficient, they also run cooler and longer with greater reliability than any other industrial motor. When you consider that a typical 50 HP motor costs over $25,000 to operate continuously in a year, it’s easy to see how just a few percentage points of higher efficiency can quickly reduce electricity costs, especially if the motor is operating continuously every day.

Image courtesy of BaldorMinimum Efficiency Performance Standards (MEPS) for electric motors are becoming commonplace throughout the world. The first of these was the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct) that mandated efficiency levels for 1-200 HP general purpose motors for sale in the U.S. after October 1997. The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007

(EISA) builds upon EPAct and raises the efficiency level for these motors to NEMA Premium efficiency and adds other configurations and 201-500 HP ratings. As countries and regions across the world establish minimum efficiency levels for motors, more companies are turning to the reliable Super-E, especially OEMs who ship products overseas. Super-E motors meet or exceed the efficiency levels defined by NRC in Canada, and CEMEP EFF1 in Europe, and the new IE3 level of IEC 60034-30.

With a wide selection of premium efficient motors, available from stock, manufactured and sold by a company committed to building products for industries worldwide, it’s no wonder the ABB brand is recognized as the leader in energy efficient industrial motors.

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