It’s Time to Upgrade to a Lenze SMVector Drive

It’s Time to Upgrade to a Lenze SMVector Drive

Looking to replace your variable-frequency AC drive (VFD)? Need better control of your application—without spending a large chunk of money? Or maybe you simply want to change motor output speeds easily?

Cost-Effective Solution for Variable-Speed Motor Operation

If that describes your business, then it’s time to check out the SMVector drive from Lenze-AC Tech.

“The SMVector drive is an inexpensive way to get the job done,” said Jim Wright, Product Manager of the Electrical Products Group at IBT, Inc. “It’s easy to program, and easy to use. The SMVector is a safe way to get variable-speed operation on your fan, pump, or conveyor.”

Easy to Get Started

Wright said that one of the main advantages of the SMVector NEMA 4X drive is that it is easy to configure and start up. It can also communicate across networks if required.

“Basically, you can wire it to your supply voltage, connect it to your motor, and if you want, you can push the start button on the drive and your motor will run immediately,” said Wright. “Some of its applications are that simple.”

For applications requiring more control, the Lenze SMVector Drive can be programmed for:

  • Vector speed control
  • Vector torque control
  • Built-in 16-segment programmable sequencer
  • Hundreds of other parameters of program functionality

Smooth Motion

With the SMVector, you can slowly ramp up a motor load from rest to operating—or accelerate quickly to operating speed, depending on your needs. It has exceptional starting torque and the ability to recover from a 100% shock load in as little as 0.15 seconds. This makes it ideal for use in situations where loads, speeds, or positions might (or often do) change abruptly.

“It does a great job of working with the motor to smooth out the motion, by dynamically providing more or less current and voltage, as needed,” said Wright.

Saves Money

“This drive not only keeps your speed consistent, but can save you money on energy over the long run when used on variable torque applications, like fans and pumps,” said Wright. “The energy savings are exponential to the speed reduction. When properly applied, a variable frequency drive can save a significant amount of energy.” Wright added that many customers begin seeing the financial payback within 18-24 months.

Runs in Wet, Corrosive Environments

The watertight case of the Lenze SMVector Drive keeps it dry—in even the harshest wet environments—making it ideal for areas that require sanitization of food and pharmaceutical equipment. While high-pressure sprays and caustic cleaning agents are normally destructive to electronics, the SMVector is encased in a NEMA 4X enclosure, protecting the electronics from the harsh high pressure sprays and corrosive conditions.

For more information about the Lenze SMVector Drive, or contact your local IBT distribution center. You can also contact Jim Wright at (913) 261-2121.


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