Shaft Guard Technology from Timken

Shaft Guard Technology from Timken

Timken & IBTThe critical job of securing a bearing to a shaft often requires the use of setscrews. They work, but sometimes the collateral damage they produce can result in the undesired side effect of added cost.

Removing a bearing secured by setscrews often reveals a damaged shaft. And that shaft must be properly repaired before a new bearing can be fitted.

So now busy mechanical and maintenance staffers are not just replacing a bearing – they are also repairing a shaft. And that damaged shaft means unrecoverable downtime, productivity loss and defective equipment.

Image courtesy of TimkenTo help prevent this problem, Timken has introduced a new product that will help prolong shaft life and provide complete shaft protection: housed units with shaft guarding technologyTM. It locks to the shaft like a traditional setscrew, but with additional benefits – no nicks, raised metal or permanent shaft damage. This patent-pending technology helps protect shafts from gouging, raised metal and fretting corrosion. One of the easiest-to-install housed units available, this product will reduce costs.

The shaft guard transfers the pressure of the setscrews through a stainless steel, hardened band. This absorbs the problems encountered from relative motion typically associated with setscrew product. The stainless band will not corrode to the shaft.

Shaft guarding technology exceeds gripping application requirements, maintains dimensional integrity and reduces fretting corrosion. It locks to the shaft like a traditional setscrew, but with new benefits: faster and easier installation and removal; reduced number of shaft replacements; less shaft preparation.

Image courtesy of TimkenFeatures of Timken Shaft Guard Technology

  • Two setscrews and nylon patch at 90-degree separation provide maximum holding capability with minimal distortion
  • Groove running beneath the setscrews in inner ring bore to keep the band in place
  • Hardened stainless steel band protects the shaft from damage
  • Longer inner ring along the shaft (ABMA-compliant) improves shaft support and reduces bearing misalignment
  • Available with Timken thin-dense chrome option
  • Seal options include three-piece “R” seal for normal- to high-contamination environments and “L” seal for higher speeds and temperatures
  • Choice of housing configurations

This new technology is available on housed units in a choice of configurations to benefit a variety of industries and applications including rubber and plastic, food (canning, bottling), forest products (printing presses, paper, tissue, newsprint), industrial machinery, material handling (packaging, textile, conveyor), HVAC (fan and blower) and agriculture (combines, implements).

To learn more about how Timken’s shaft guarding technology can save you time and money, ask your IBT sales representative or write to us.


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