Type E Tapered Roller Bearing Housed Units from Timken

Type E Tapered Roller Bearing Housed Units from Timken

Timken & IBTTimken engineers have applied more than 110 years of expertise in bearing technology – and leadership in tapered roller bearings – to bring you an optimized performance tapered roller bearing housed unit. We have improved our own design to create the new standard in performance.

Application testing has shown that our new Type E bearing yields a design life that is 55 percent higher than current industry leading designs which utilize standard Timken bearings.

Timken Type E Tapered Roller Bearing Housed Units Image courtesy of TimkenFrom the bearings, seals and grease to housings and collars, our innovative design incorporates features that can help withstand the most demanding application conditions – resulting in less downtime, reduced maintenance intervals and an overall lower cost of ownership. We have optimized the core components so that their performance is elevated to a level we consider as the next generation of roller housed units.

How do we do it? The answer is in our unique product design.

Enhanced-Performance Bearings

Timken® Type E roller bearings have a significantly higher load carrying capability. We have designed in enhanced surface textures and optimized profiles. This results in a 55 percent increase in life over industry-standard housed units equipped with standard Timken bearings. Our Type E bearings also experience lower internal contact stresses and frictional drag. Beyond bearing life, these bearings are designed to deliver the ability to manage up to three-times more misalignment than industry-standard designs.

Image courtesy of Timken

Double Lip Seals

By helping to keep debris and water out while retaining grease longer, maintenance intervals can be reduced, thereby contributing to lower maintenance costs. The seals in our Type E housed units optimize contact geometries that promote greater grease retention and significantly reduce contaminant ingress.

Premium Grease

Maintenance costs are further reduced due to the extra protection provided by Timken® premium all-purpose industrial grease. Our unique grease formulation contains extreme pressure and antiwear additives as well as corrosion inhibitors. This grease works effectively in applications with operating temperatures ranging from -40°F to +300°F (-40°C to +149°C). It is compatible with calcium and lithium- thickened greases.

Image courtesy of Timken

Housings And Locking Collars

Our designs incorporate ASTM-A48 Grade 30 Cast Iron for the housing. Featuring better corrosion resistance than the industry-standard powder coating, our electro-disposition coating (e-coating) on the housing and locking collars helps reduce overall maintenance costs by protecting exposed surfaces.

In addition, our Type E roller housed units are dimensionally interchangeable with all other leading brands.

Timken Type E Tapered Roller Bearing Housed Units

Timken Type E tapered roller bearing housed units are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to meet the requirements of demanding applications. They are dimensionally interchangeable with current suppliers for all key characteristics, including the bolt hole and shaft centerline dimensions. Popular part numbers are in stock for immediate availability. Metric sizes also are available in shaft diameters ranging from 35 mm to 125 mm.


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