Top 3 Upgrades To Improving Your Material Handling/Conveying System

Top 3 Upgrades To Improving Your Material Handling/Conveying System

conveying material handling hytrolUpgrades…Sometimes they’re exciting. You get a new phone, new software, maybe a new car.  Awesome, right?! And then there are the upgrades we do unwillingly because we simply have to. With your Material Handling and Conveying Systems, you can have a mix of both sometimes but once they’re done, ALL of these upgrades make significant improvements to your line, your efficiency, and most importantly your bottom line. Here’s the top three upgrades we’ve been working to help clients make recently…

Priorities are first and we were addressing the upgrade you NEED right out of the gate.  We know that many of you are experiencing the pain of the lack of support for the Hytrol EZLogic Gen. 2 modules. You need a solution now-and IBT has it! 

Upgrading the Hytrol – EZLogic® Gen 2

The Hytrol Gen 2 EZLogic® zero pressure accumulation systems have unfortunately been discontinued and are no longer being supported. This is hitting tons of manufacturers hard, as they are forced to make sudden upgrades to their systems that need accumulation or buffing. Stressful, right? Well, maybe it doesn’t have to be. 

IBT’s team of specialists have been working with Engineers across the Midwest helping them solve this major issue. Our team can help you strategize your upgrades to ensure that they are the most efficient and cost-effective as possible. We can even help you decide how to make upgrades in phases. This demanding upgrade can be a stress, but our team can help you get “up to speed” on the new EZLogic® Gen 3 or Gen 4 controls, and monitoring. If you’re running into issues with EZLogic® Gen 2 and the lack of support, don’t stress – just call IBT! We’ll make a plan that fits your situation. 

Another high priority upgrade many of you are facing right now is to keep up with the demands of our changing society. 

 Upgrading through Adversity

Due to COVID-19, many manufacturers are dealing with either staff shortages or face the need to reduce queuing stations to meet social distancing requirements. You might even have another unique situation that we haven’t thought of….but whatever the case may be we are facing some challenges and unique times. 

In this uncertain time IBT can help provide some ease of mind and stability with their Conveying & Material Handling Consultation Services. With a professional consultation you’ll be able to understand the changes you need, the options you have and the next steps you need to make. We can help with extending queuing stations to 6 feet or more apart, or adding plexiglass shields between stations. From new work stations, table scales and more IBT is here to help guide you through the entire process.  Design, installation…even follow up Maintenance. IBT’s team of specialists will put your mind at ease, help you meet the demands you’re facing and help make your system as efficient as possible.   

With priorities addressed, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. The next upgrade might not be an immediate demand but it will increase safety, reduce noise and increase the speed of your line. Sounds like a win-win, right? And no catches….it’s not “too good to be true”, it’s just really a smart, effective upgrade. 

The third upgrade we’re helping customers address is…

ModSort® Divert & Transfer UpgradeModSort Regal Beloit

Upgrading to the ModSort® system by Regal PTS might not be on your radar at all right now. Yet, it’s a common upgrade we suggest to our customers simply because of the increase of speed and safety it delivers. 

Parts from other competitors have been known to be loud, clunky, and not always the safest. Regal PTS’ ModSort Divert and Transfer module helps easily divert, transfer, and sort multiple package types. This system is quiet, smoother, and less dangerous for people nearby. The ModSort modules can also be used with existing or new conveyor systems and makes installation easy with its standard 24 V connection. That makes replacing older transfer pieces, easy peasy! 

Upgrades Made Easy

Replacing parts and making upgrades, doesn’t have to be stressful. Goodness knows we all have had many challenges in this season of change. Why not, let IBT give you the peace of mind you deserve? 

Hytrol EZLogic Gen3

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