Tough Jobs May Not Last. Tough Bearings Do.

Tough Jobs May Not Last. Tough Bearings Do.

Image courtesty of SKFHot water. Cold water. Disinfectants. Cooking fats. Acids and corrosives. Washdown chemicals. All in all, it’s a hard life when you’re a washdown bearing.

First they ask you to work long shifts in demanding environ ments. Then they ask you to last a long, long time. Get a relube? Fahgeddabout it. But, no guts, no glory!

When they do finally shut down the line, out come the hoses. High pressure sprays to clean out the gunk and wash away the bacteria. It’s enough to make you long for the easy life in the steel mill.

At least when you are an SKF Marathon® Series Bearing Unit, you’ve got the guts and the strength and the staying power to go the distance.

Marathon® bearings are pre-lubricated (with USDA H1 approved grease) and double sealed. As a result, they last longer and are virtually maintenance-free. They are designed with high-strength, corrosion resistant housings and double lip seals with a rotating finger. This keeps the grease inside and the washdown fluids outside.

When the plant is handling food — whether it’s beef, pork, poultry, beverages, confections, baked goods, or fruits and vegetables – and when HACCP compliance is at issue, SKF Marathon® is a sure winner.

These bearings make the link between food safety, plant efficiency and profitability. They help reduce total costs through continuously improved machine reliability and a proactive maintenance culture.

Marathon® bearings come with composite housings, ZMaRC® coated cast iron or AISI 300 cast stainless steel. Options include pillow blocks (2 and 4-bolt flange) and 3-bolt bracket flange and low profile 2 and 3-bolt flange.

These bearings are designed to minimize bacterial build-up, contamination risks and lubrication washouts.

When the equipment consists of conveyors, sorters, sizers, presses, augers, brush washers or any other kind of washdown area, there’s probably a SKF Marathon® bearing that will work to make the job easier.

Marathon® bearings have delivered 400% longer bearing life for a chicken processing plant, an entire season’s worth of service in a citrus fruit brush washer and extended service without need for replacement for an apple processor’s sorting application.

When the food plant needs longer life, lower operating costs, fewer replacements and clean-clean equipment, SKF Marathon® bearings are the tough ones to consider.

SKF puts more ROI in your MRO – whether your plant is processing pigs or pig iron, chocolate or concrete. To learn more about SKF longer-life bearing solutions for washdowns or for information about any of SKF’s 360° Solutions, contact your IBT Sales Rep or write to us.


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