Uncomplicating MSDS Compliance

Uncomplicating MSDS Compliance

There is no maybe about it. You have to manage your HazMats. And, critical to that management process is complying with OSHA MSDS requirements.

The requirement is essentially uncomplicated. It compels the maintenance of a complete set of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for any and every potentially hazardous substance on the premises. In addition, the data must be available to the workforce. Without exception.

Like many unambiguous directives, this one is easy to state, easy to understand – and frequently challenging to meet.

Now, thankfully, there is help from IBT Safety. They offer a complete system of assuring that your establishment is in compliance with MSDS standards at all times. In addition, they have a process that keeps you up-to-date, as well. They even do it without making you go crazy with paperwork.

Although this may sound too good to be true, it is for real. The secret is technology.

Working in connection with 3E Company, a leading compiler of MSDS information, clients of this IBT Safety program will have instant access to the world’s premier hazardous materials information database, containing millions of current MSDSs.

HazMat Data Center specialists review over 8,000 MSDSs associated with the 62,000 inventory products that are processed each month. An original image of the MSDS is captured in the database, along with key data that is entered for quick reference and easy search of product information. Clients have access through a number of channels, including internet, FAX and CD-ROM.


    OSHA permits “paperless compliance” methods because the HazCom standard is performance-based, providing that:

  • MSDSs are readily accessible with no barriers to employee access. This means reliable devices accessible at all times without the employee needing to ask anyone for permission.
  • Workers are trained in the use of these devices, including specific software.
  • There is an adequate back-up system and written plan for rapid access to hazard information in the event of an emergency including power-outages, equipment failure, on-line access delays, etc.
  • The system of electronic access is part of the overall hazard communication program.
  • Employees and emergency response personnel are able to immediately obtain hard copies of the MSDSs, when needed or desired.


Managing HazMat data is a critical element of safety. The IBT Safety/3E program starts by gathering relevant data about your existing compliance program. This requires taking a close look at your company’s facilities to assess major vulnerabilities associated with areas such as HazMat inventory, HazMat usage, storage and disposal policies, facility health and safety processes, occupational risks, IT systems and processes, training, facility paperwork filings and regulatory reporting practices.

The result is a comprehensive analysis, which identifies shortcomings, and recommends functional improvements for both in-house best practices as well as outsourcing to teams of professionals. The analysis will include prioritized recommendations for a program specifically tailored to your organization’s EH&S and HazMat information management needs.

The ongoing program is backed by an emergency response center; 24-7-365.The highly trained staff handles thousands of day-to-day incidents as well as large-scale natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.

The system and staff also document all communications related to any incident. This includes names, dates, details and any instruction or guidance provided. Detailed summary reports are available on request. All calls are also recorded for training and quality control.

The technological infrastructure behind the IBT Safety/3E MSDS services ensures around-the-clock accessibility. A combination of physical and electronic security measures are used to safeguard data assets. Services can also be replicated at remote sites in the unlikely event that the main facility becomes inaccessible. And, all sites are supported by generator power to ensure uninterrupted service in the event of a power outage.

The result is that your company gets a compliant program but you are free from having to administer the nitty-gritty, day-to-day nuts and bolts – but can still feel confident that you are doing the right thing, that you are protected as an organization – and, most importantly, that you are also protecting your work force and their safety.

To find out more about MSDS Compliance through IBT Safety and 3E Company, contact us.


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