Upgrade Your EZLogic® System to Gen3

Upgrade Your EZLogic® System to Gen3

Gen1 and 2 users, your EZLogic® system may be running on borrowed time. Hytrol no longer manufactures replacement parts for these two aging systems. Fortunately, you can avoid unplanned downtime by turning to IBT Industrial Solutions, a Hytrol integration partner for more than 50 years. 

We offer two solutions when it comes to your EZLogic Gen1 or 2 system:

  1. Replace your entire system with Gen3.
  2. Upgrade sections of failing parts to Gen3 in phases.

About Hytrol’s EZLogic Accumulation System

Hytrol EZLogic Gen3

Electronic Zero-pressure Logic (EZLogic) is a method of zero-pressure accumulation control that combines the sensing accuracy of photoelectrics with discrete electronic logic control without the use of a PLC or pneumatic logic components. 

This system provides all the intelligence needed to accurately control the various functions of zero-pressure accumulation on a conveyor.

With EZLogic, zone controllers are equipped with a photoelectric input device to detect product presence, a microprocessor to evaluate various input signals, and control connections to provide communication of data between zones and to and from outside sources.

Two types of product sensing are available with EZLogic:

  • Retro-reflective: used in conjunction with a reflector to detect items by looking across the width of a conveyor.
  • Diffuse: used to detect packages when a reflector cannot be used.

Benefits of Gen3

Gen3 offers all the same great features as previous EZLogic systems while adding new technologies to provide users with greater reliability, higher throughputs, easier maintenance, and reduced noise.

Take a look at these key benefits unique to this model compatible for both pallet and package conveyor systems:

Improved Product Flow

Choose between three release modes:

  • Singulate: creates a zone-length space between each item on the belt and is best used during low-speed applications.
  • Slug: results in a quicker release of items as all slug zones move at the same time.
  • Cascaded Slug: adds a slight delay between each zone that results in a small gap between items.

Dynamic Zone Allocation

This technology provides unprecedented throughput possibilities. Used in singulation mode, Gen3 automatically adjusts the conveyor’s zone length to accommodate the lengths of the items being conveyed. 

By assigning longer zone lengths when needed, dynamic zone allocation provides increased accumulation density and conveyor efficiency as well as greater system flexibility. 

Easy Configuration

With Hytrol’s EZLogic OS app, you can now easily program settings from your smartphone. Ditch the physical cable and utilize Bluetooth wireless technology to complete the configuration of EZLogic zone controllers, create auto-detection of zone controllers, review data logging, and monitor error reports.

You can also program and manage the Gen3 system using your laptop with Hytrol’s Genesis™ Configuration Manager software. 

IBT’s Approach to Installing Hytrol’s EZLogic Gen3 System

With nearly 100 years of collective experience, IBT’s engineers are here to help keep your conveying system moving.

Here’s our comprehensive five-step approach you can expect from us: 

  1. IBT inspects your conveying system.
  2. During the inspection, we analyze the controls and how it interacts with the conveying system. 
  3. IBT presents detailed solution options to you.
  4. Based on our discussion, we add changes to the action plan and schedule date of installation. 
  5. Install, assist, or provide phone support for installation.

“We provide a variety of support options to customers to ensure they receive the level of service they need,” IBT’s Director of Conveying Systems Jim Boatright said. “We offer complete Gen3 installation for those who need it as well as provide on-site training or support over the phone to teams.” 



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