What to Expect When Building a Custom Conveying System

What to Expect When Building a Custom Conveying System

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At IBT, our goal is to keep our customers’ operations up and running smoothly as long and as pain-free as possible. We don’t take breakdowns and replacements lightly. 

Our team of Conveying Systems Engineers understands the importance of finding and speccing just the right parts to ensure maximum performance and efficiency. Sometimes, that means replacing what you had, and sometimes, it means upgrading to newer technology. That’s where our free initial consultations come in. 

No matter what you’re looking for, with our knowledge and expertise, we can help you find the perfect solution. We offer free consultations to all of our customers who are serious about building their next conveying system.

Benefits of a Custom Conveyor System Design

A quality conveyor system design meets your needs while delivering great value. Benefits from a custom-designed and professionally installed conveyor system include:

  • Reduced order-to-fulfillment processing time and improved warehouse flow
  • Reduced bottlenecks and slowdown chokepoints
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced operational costs and labor
  • Minimized labor load handling
  • Reduced employee sick leave and worker comp with improved ergonomics and safety
  • Increased floor space through proper design
  • Improved reliability and access to higher scalability for greater production

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Custom Conveying System Process

Here’s what you can expect from IBT’s expert conveyor design, installation, and training services.

1. Initial Consultation

If you’re not 100 percent certain about what you need, a consultation will allow us to assess the situation and offer guidance based on our experience.

We start with a phone conversation—an intake of information to get to know you and better understand your problems so that we can make an informed decision on how to best proceed. 

2. Site Visit

After the initial phone conversation, we’ll perform a site visit. Our team works with you on-site to evaluate your current operations, make recommendations, establish project goals, and, ultimately, identify the scope of the work. 

Even if you have unique requirements, our team of expert engineers can find a way to meet your needs effectively. We’ve worked across a broad spectrum of industries for many years, giving us a wide experience base. 

3. Receiving a Quote

After the scope of the project has been determined, our engineers evaluate the process and identify performance characteristics, such as speed or flow rate, system flexibility, packaging, palletizing and storage requirements, and maintenance improvement opportunities. 

IBT Industrial Solutions provides a conveyor system proposal that outlines one or more solutions for your consideration. We will make conveyor system upgrade recommendations that can immediately improve productivity, and we’ll also have plans on how you can future-proof your facility.

Want to skip the consultation and site visit, and get a quote right away instead? No problem—we understand every customer requires different levels of support. When you request a quote, you provide us with the information, and we send back a price. Quick and easy.

4. Concept Development & Custom Design

Once we land on a solution, our team can begin drawing up conveying designs and bringing your custom vision to life. 

We’ll not only upgrade your current conveyor system but also fully redesign it from the bottom up to ensure you get the best and most efficient physical layout. We’ll improve ergonomics, functionality, cost-effectiveness, and productivity. Our engineers will draw out a 2D design that will show product orientation, handling, and direction. 

3D AutoCAD renderings are available upon request. Sometimes, 3D renderings are useful in convincing boards, showing the flow of product and material, and explaining the improved efficiencies and ergonomics. 

5. Implementation & Support

After the project is approved, an IBT Industrial Solutions Project Manager is assigned to work with you to establish a project implementation plan. Our technicians will expertly install the new conveyor system and any automation upgrades and equipment.

Our project involvement extends well beyond the installation stage. Team members remain on-site to start up the system and familiarize personnel with operation, safety, and maintenance procedures. Ongoing technical support is also available to ensure system performance and your peace of mind. 

6. Final Approval

Our work isn’t over until it has your final stamp of approval. No matter the size of the project, we go above and beyond to ensure you walk away without any uncertainty or doubt. Whether it’s a single installation of a smart palletizer robot, a ModSort sorting module, or an entire conveyor system replacement and upgrade, we treat each job as high-priority, requiring exacting workmanship.

Do You Need a Full Conveying System Replacement?

IBT’s conveying system design philosophy involves many key steps to ensure accuracy, functionality, and payback. We are able to fulfill customers’ needs at any level, from minimal assistance to full project management, to ensure a seamless project completion 

We have a proven track record of thousands of quality conveying and industrial systems. We have experience in everything from industrial manufacturing plants to sanitized food processing plants. We can build machines that will assemble, transfer, rotate, elevate, grip, flip, index, sort, align, divert, and more. 

Request a quote or see if you qualify for a free consultation.

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