When Exactly Should I Use a Jaw-in-Shear (JIS) Coupling?

When Exactly Should I Use a Jaw-in-Shear (JIS) Coupling?

Lovejoy JIS CouplingCould your plant benefit from using jaw-in-shear (JIS) couplings?  This flexible coupling is very powerful, and solves a number of operational challenges.

“The jaw coupling is one of the most widely used flexible couplings in the power transmission field,” said Charlie Mudra, the Distribution Channel Manager for Lovejoy, Inc., adding that the original jaw coupling from Lovejoy dates back to 1927, while the JIS version was developed in 1998.  “It’s found just about everywhere,” he says.  “The variety of applications for this design is quite wide.”

Here are 5 scenarios where using a JIS coupling can help your operations.

When you are working with 2 shafts that don’t line up perfectly.

Here’s where the JIS coupling shines—it can accommodate this misalignment between motor and compressor, pump, generator, conveyor, mixer, fan, and more.  You get more robust angular and parallel misalignment capacity over the standard jaw design.  With Lovejoy’s JIS coupling, for example, angular misalignment increases from 1 to 2 degrees, while parallel misalignment increases from 0.010 in. to up to 0.094 in., so it’s much more forgiving.

When you want easier coupling replacement.

The Lovejoy JIS design uses a wrapping element called a “spider” that makes it easy to take off and replace.  This element is held in place by a locking collar that eliminates the need to loosen set screws.  The simpler design reduces tool usage, and makes change-outs quicker and easier.

When you want longer life on your couplings.

Lovejoy’s JIS couplings use 50D Shore urethane, with a temperature rating similar to rubber—but better chemical resistance.  Plus, urethane provides 1.5x better torque carrying capacity vs. rubber, giving you longer life—and less frequent replacement.

When you want to maximize your existing inventory.

The Lovejoy JIS couplings use the same hubs as the standard jaw coupling, so you don’t have to buy a bunch of new parts.  You’re actually only adding 2 additional SKU’s for the retaining ring and element.  This is very different from other designs, which require a specialized hub.

When you need stainless steel.

Lovejoy offers a JIS design that uses an entirely stainless steel retaining ring.  When this is paired with their hub, you can create a completely stainless steel assembly—which is perfect for the food and medical industries.  In fact, Lovejoy offers 5 sizes of hubs made from either stainless steel castings or stainless powdered metal.

About Lovejoy, Inc.

Lovejoy, Inc. has been known since 1900 as the world leader of quality flexible shaft and specialty couplings for the power transmission industry. With a selection of more than 20,000 couplings in different sizes and shapes, Lovejoy covers the needs of virtually every market.

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