Why Stretch? Why Strain? Lean on Bishamon

Why Stretch? Why Strain? Lean on Bishamon

Working smarter, not harder. That’s the logic behind the whole product line of Bishamon, distributed by IBT’s Warehouse Equipment Group.

Their products, ingenious and well-engineered combinations of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, allow the workers to move the load to a convenient height. This prevents stress, strain, limits repetitive motion injuries and increases productivity.

Some examples:

  • Lifting Platforms
    that allow material to be raised and/or lowered to various, ergonomically optimum heights for a specific application or process.
  • Pallet Positioners
    which are automatic, self leveling and self contained devices. These are designed for loading and unloading of palletized materials. Integral turntables eliminate reaching, providing advanced ergonomic benefits.
  • Mobil Handling
    including a wide variety of mobile lifting platforms, skid lifters and tilters that provide the benefit of mobility to position the lift or product to where the work is needed.
  • Pallet Handling 
    Bishamon offers the premium pallet jack in the industry. It is easy to use, durable and provides unparalleled rollability.
  • Hydraulic Lifts
    used to position cages for product placement. The cages on the lifts can be raised and lowered to accommodate the height of the load as the operator stacks product into the cage. The result is less bending, reaching and stretching, reduced fatigue and improved productivity.
  • Bishamon E Z Loaders
    can be added to the pallet loading process. The boxed product is stacked on the pallet on the EZ Loader which automatically lowers as the weight and load height increases. The load height accommodates the workers comfort level and the rotating top eliminates reach over to place containers on the pallet. The result is less bending, reaching and stretching – and reduced worker fatigue. The EZ Loader will improve productivity as well as simplify the loading process in this process area.

Bishamon offers a wide range of solutions. One may be just right for your particular needs. Contact IBT Warehouse Equipment Group and explain your situation. They’ll be ready and able to help find the answers. Nobody likes to see wasted motion on the job floor – and you don’t have to waste any more time or money tolerating it. Let IBT and Bishamon help solve your problems and increase your productivity.

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