Work Smarter Not Harder With OPTIME™

Work Smarter Not Harder With OPTIME™

Never before has condition monitoring been described by industrial professionals as ‘easy’ or ‘affordable.’ That is, until now.

Peace of Mind

With Schaeffler’s award-winning, cloud-based solution OPTIME, it’s never been easier to check on the condition of hundreds of rotating machines at any time.

OPTIME users receive alerts on their mobile device or desktop app when damage, imbalances, or misalignments are detected. Warnings are given with a lead time of up to several weeks to help equipment operators plan for upcoming maintenance, staffing, and the procurement of spare parts.

“This proactive solution helps equipment operators avoid costly downtime,” said IBT’s Bearings and Power Transmission Business Development Director Joe Purcell. “OPTIME alerts users of a potential issue before a major problem occurs.”

Plug. Play. Predict.

OPTIME’s innovative plug, play, and predict design makes installation and handling easy. 

The monitoring system consists of these three main components: 

  • wireless, battery-powered vibration and temperature sensors
  • cellular gateway
  • digital service

The sensors and gateway autonomously connect and form a mesh network, one of the most reliable and energy-efficient IoT networks available today. Without ever having to integrate with a customer’s network, the gateway automatically sends data from the sensors to Schaeffler’s cloud. 

Data is then analyzed using proprietary algorithms based on Schaeffler’s extensive technical expertise and machine learning. OPTIME shares diagnostics on the app, giving users a complete overview of equipment and recommendations in order of priority.

Benefits of Using OPTIME

There are several benefits to using OPTIME, including: 

  • Cost savings up to 50 percent compared to handheld devices. Schaeffler’s cost-effective solution monitors hundreds of rotating machines for only a few cents per day. 
  • Expertise at your fingertips. Accessible 24/7, the OPTIME app provides professional diagnostics based on expert algorithms and machine learning. 
  • Designed for all users. No prior condition monitoring knowledge is necessary. 

Purcell said, “Companies that use OPTIME work smarter not harder. Equipment operators no longer have the headache of manually checking equipment. Instead, they simply check the OPTIME app for alerts.” 

Partner with IBT 

A Schaeffler supplier, IBT not only sells but also installs OPTIME for customers. The one-day installation process includes:

  • Adding sensors to all equipment
  • Testing equipment 
  • Optimize OPTIME specifically for the customer site


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