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IBT Industrial Solutions is your one-stop shop for all your industrial warehouse and material handling facility equipment needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade or expand your facilities or you are starting from scratch, our wide range of warehouse equipment allows you to shop quickly and focus on your core business. 

Our Brands

Porta-King has been designing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative building facility solutions for the manufacturing and warehousing industry. They provide everything you need for the interior and exterior of your building.

Vostermans Ventilation develops, manufactures, and distributes fans, motors, and more. They have a wide range of Multifan axial fan products for the agricultural and industrial industries.

Warehouse & Material Handling Facility Storage

Good organization and sufficient storage are essential to any business. Being able to store, identify, and quickly find materials, equipment, and products is a core component of any warehouse or material handling facility.

Shelves are one of the most prominent types of warehouse storage systems. They allow easy organization while utilizing as much vertical space as is practical.

At IBT, we offer the following:

  • Wire Shelving
  • Slotted Angle Shelving
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Shelving
  • Mobile Shelving

While standard shelves are great for lighter-weight or smaller items, you need heavy-duty shelving to handle bulky products, materials, equipment, and pallets.

  • Pallet Racks: Pallet racks provide organized storage for palletized goods. They come in various configurations, such as selective, drive-in, drive-thru, and push-back, to optimize storage density and picking methods.
  • Cantilever Racks: These are ideal for storing long, bulky items like pipes, lumber, or furniture. Cantilever racks have arms extending from a central upright, which allows for horizontal storage without needing a back support. 
  • Gravity Flow Racks: Utilizing gravity to organize and manage inventory, gravity flow racks have products loaded at the rear and automatically move forward as items in the front are picked, which ensures a first-in, first-out (FIFO) inventory flow.

Excellent record-keeping is important for any business. Product listings, client interactions, past catalogs, billing invoices, equipment maintenance schedules, equipment manuals, and more must all be kept orderly and organized.

Try one or more of these record storage options:

  • Filing Cabinets 
  • High-Density Mobile Document Shelving 
  • Vertical File Systems

Tools, safety equipment, parts, and employee personal items all need a tidy place to stay as well. We offer: 

  • Tool Cabinets
  • Flammable Material Storage Cabinets 
  • Modular Drawer Systems 
  • Employee Lockers

Warehouse Lifting Equipment

Optimizing warehouse product and material handling is essential for efficient operations and worker safety. Here are some lifting equipment solutions IBT offers to streamline your warehouse functionality:

  • Jib Cranes: These extend from a wall or column and provide a singing army for lighting and maneuvering materials in a designated workspace. 
  • Workstation Cranes: Similar to jib cranes, workstation cranes are typically free-standing and provide a more extensive reach for lighting materials within a designated area. They are ideal for repetitive tasks or assembly lines.
  • Gantry Cranes: These heavyweight champion cranes can handle massive loads or oversized equipment. They have two large support legs, which allow for lighting and transporting heavy materials across a large open space. 
  • Hoists & Trolleys: These work in tandem to lift and move materials vertically and horizontally. Hoists use a winch or motor to raise and lower loads, while the trolley’s wheels are a mobile carriage system to transport the hoisted load along an overhead track.
  • Scissor Lifts: These provide temporary platforms for elevated maintenance tasks, accessing inventory in high bays, or reaching overhead areas. 
  • Pallet Positioners: These can expedite pallet loading and unloading processes. Pallet positioners can be semi-automated or fully automated. They seamlessly integrate with forklifts and allow for precise positioning of pallets for effective stacking and retrieval. 

Facility Lighting Solutions

IBT offers a selection of general warehouse and task lighting solutions, including high bay lighting and pendant lights.

Maintaining Facility Climate

IBT Industrial Solutions offers a variety of warehouse HVAC equipment, as well as ventilation, heating, cooling, and indoor air quality products.

Industrial Ventilation Solutions

Warehouses are constantly changing and moving to adjust to new requirements and conditions. Modular shelving systems and changing palletized inventory levels can create pockets of stale or unmoving air. Additionally, many work processes, maintenance, and chemicals require excellent ventilation for safety.

We offer several solutions to improve your warehouse ventilation:

  • Portable industrial fans
  • Exhaust fans
  • Air circulators

Industrial Cooling Solutions

Warehouses are massive spaces that have a lot of movement, shelving, equipment, and more. Numerous large entrances and exits, blocked air currents, and thin insulation can all make heating and cooling warehouses difficult.

Your warehouse HVAC system may not be up to the task of heating and cooling your warehouse and may need to be upgraded or supplemented to achieve your desired results.

Industrial evaporative cooling systems are a cost-effective way to cool large spaces, especially if you are located in a dry area. They can be set up to use your central air duct system, or they can be purchased as standalone portable units that can be placed strategically. Evaporative cooling systems use the evaporation process to reduce the heat and cool the space.

Another great and energy-efficient option for cooling warehouses is industrial low and high-pressure misting fans. These fans use a pressured water system to create a fine mist that evaporates in the air. As the air evaporates, it absorbs heat from the surrounding air, which provides a cooling effect.

Low-pressure air misting fans are ideal for spot cooling and creating a refreshing breeze for personnel in specific work areas. They are more affordable but have a shorter misting range and require close proximity.

High-pressure misting fans can cool larger areas and deliver finer mist particles for more efficient evaporation. They typically come with a higher upfront cost but offer a much broader cooling zone.

Industrial Heating Solutions

Here are two great solutions to keep your warehouse comfortable and productive:

  • Washdown Duty Fans: These heavy-duty fans are ideal for environments that are prone to moisture or washdown procedures. Washdown fans circulate large volumes of air, promoting air movement and preventing humidity build-up, which can damage inventory and create breeding grounds for mold.
  • Radiant Infrared Heaters: Radiant heaters warm objects and people directly with infrared heating. This targeted approach offers efficient heating solutions for large spaces like warehouses and minimizes energy consumption.

Contact us for more information on all the industrial warehouse storage, ventilation, heating, cooling, lighting, and warehouse equipment we offer.



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