Purchase Order Export

Purchase Order Export

Purchase Order (PO) Export to Excel Upload 


Submit Orders & Receive Products Even Faster 

Purchase Order (PO) Export to Excel Upload is the process of exporting your purchase orders out of your purchasing system via an excel document. This option provides an easy way for you to upload and receive your products faster compared to other commerce options. 


How PO to Excel Works:

  1. IBT will confirm the ability for the customer purchase order system to export to an excel file. 
  2. Once established, IBT will develop the excel format that aligns the proper fields to the IBT Order Management System. 
  3. Once testing is completed, the customer exports their purchase orders and sends it to IBT via email. 
  4. IBT will then immediately upload the order for fulfillment and delivery and send an acknowledgement back to the customer.


Benefits of PO to Excel: 

  • IBT will assist with upload capability and templates
  • IBT manages the order entry into our Order Management System (OMS)


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