Industrial Buying Solutions

Industrial Buying Solutions

Discover All the Different Ways to Buy with IBT 

At IBT, we’re dedicated to providing you with options that best suit your needs. That’s why we provide several different buying options that make it most convenient for you and your business to make purchases. If you’re looking to purchase directly online, shop within your own company’s procurement system, submit larger orders with a paperless solution, or export orders to excel upload for even faster turnaround, we have a purchasing solution for you. Plus, our dedicated sales team is available each and every day to find the solutions you need, should you need further assistance or insight into the best product to use for your application and environment. 


IBT’s e-commerce solution allows you to browse more than 500,000 items on, view your order history, build shopping lists, purchase products from ShopIBT, and more.

Start Shopping 


Punchout allows your procurement team to buy from IBT’s website from within your company’s procurement system via a punchout item catalog. IBT will work with you to establish the catalog that your company requires.

View Item Catalog 

Electronic Data Interchange

This electronic interchange with IBT uses an agreed-upon standardized digital format. This paperless solution helps you order more efficiently and helps you to manage a larger number of orders.

Go Paperless 

PO Export to Excel Upload 

This process allows you to export your purchase orders out of your purchasing system via an Excel document. Once you upload the spreadsheet, then IBT sends your products more quickly than the already fast order process.

Get Faster Turnaround 

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