Gearing Reverse Engineering Division

Gearing Reverse Engineering Division

Lawler’s Gearing Reverse Engineering Division provides our customers with the solutions needed to address gearbox malfunctioning. Should your part break, crack, or fail due to overuse, Lawler’s trained technicians can reverse engineer your gearbox using state-of-the-art measuring and inspection equipment. Through this assessment of the gearbox and all of its internal components, our team at Lawler will be able to recreate the technical or CAD drawings of your gearbox and manufacture a copy of your gearbox for an exact replacement. 

The Benefits of Gearing Reverse Engineering Services 

This process is a much more affordable and reliable option when compared to purchasing a new gearbox, especially with potential lead time issues and hard-to-find parts and materials. Gearing Reverse Engineering services are also a great way to take current designs and improve the torque and power of the gear with today’s modern technology. This will help improve your gearbox unit’s overall quality and performance, while giving it a longer lease on life and optimizing your production line. 

Let Our Gearing Reverse Engineering Division Save the Day 

If your gearbox is fatigued or has failed, reach out to our experts today at Lawler Gear to help you minimize downtime and lost revenue with an enhanced, cost-effective reverse engineered gearbox replacement. 

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