Motion Control Division

Motion Control Division

As experts in motion control systems, IBT Industrial Solutions can help solve your motion control challenges. Advanced motion control technology uses electronic controllers, AC and DC drives, motors, encoders, and logic devices to provide the missing links that turn a series of independent operations into a unified production system. A variety of functions can be performed by advanced electronic motion control systems.

  • Single-Axis Linear Positioning: This type of motion control involves back and forth movement along a straight line. Typical single-axis motion control applications include cut to length machinery, back gauging, slides, articulated arms, registration equipment, conveyors, and machine tools.
  • Multi-Axis Linear Positioning: Similar to single-axis, except the movement can be along two or more separate straight line paths, usually perpendicular to one another. Typical multi-axis motion control applications include coil winders, X-Y tables, flight simulators, pick and place machines, machine tools, and robotics.
  • Rotary Positioning: Involves precise rotary movement about an axis, sometimes in conjunction with linear movement. Applications include rotary indexing tables, articulating arms, valve actuators, and machine tools.

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