System Integration Has Never Been So Simple 

With PunchOut, you’ll be able to make you and your team’s work even easier, all while IBT handles the integration work for you. PunchOut allows your procurement team to purchase directly from ShopIBT.com from within your company’s procurement system via a PunchOut item catalog and maintain the same approval process all from within your own system. 


How PunchOut Works:

  1. IBT works with you to determine which products are configured into the PunchOut catalog.
  2. With your feedback, IBT builds the catalog and configures the PunchOut integration that will be tested with your E-Procurement system.
  3. Once testing is completed, the PunchOut catalog and process goes live.
  4. Your company employees will have the option to select items from the catalog.
  5. All placed orders go through your E-Procurement system.


Interested in Getting Started with PunchOut? 

Contact your account manager to work with your IBT digital commerce team.

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