Industrial Hose Products and Services

Industrial Hose Products and Services

IBT represents one of the leading manufacturers of industrial hose and rubber supply, and offers you an unbeatable combination of quality and outstanding service.

We maintain over one million dollars in inventory of industrial hoses, fittings, and other accessories. Our approved production and testing facility can custom-finish complete hose assemblies to your exact specifications.

Fast and Reliable Industrial Hose Repair & Replacement

We know that time is money, and every moment your machinery isn’t working can impact your facility’s efficiency and profits. We keep vast quantities of industrial hoses and fittings on hand, ensuring that everything you need is available to you. We have hoses for hydraulic fluids, air, chemicals, water, steam, food-grade liquids, and more. 

We also welcome walk-ins and can have a hose repair ready on the same day in under 20 minutes at our Kansas City Industrial Hose Shop.

Our KC Industrial Hose Shop services and capabilities include:

    • Up to 2.5” Hydraulic Hose
    • Up to 6” Industrial Hose

Also available:

  • Dedicated Product Specialists
  • Crimper Programs

Industrial & Hydraulic Hose Prefabrication Services

We can prefabricate anything from a simple set of hoses to thousands of hoses within a food-grade industrial facility. This includes any custom order of hydraulic or industrial hoses, tubes, or pipes for hydraulic fluids, air, chemicals, water, steam, food-grade liquids, and more. 

Our approved testing facility can proof test any hose system to prove specifications. We offer non-destructive and destructive testing. We have experience constructing hose systems for manufacturing, food facilities, industrial facilities, and many other industries.

Sanitation Guaranteed – 3-A Certified Since 2017

When you rely on IBT’s 3A-Certified hose shop, you’ll be confident that your industrial hose is engineered to meet the specific sanitation standards of food, beverage, and dairy processing, and is fabricated by certified and trained hose experts.

About IBT’s Industrial Hose Products Division

With decades of knowledge and expertise, coupled with over a million dollars of inventory on hand, IBT’s Hose Division has a reputation for being a leader in industrial hose manufacturing. Through exceptional customer service, the fastest hose fabrication turnarounds, and in-depth product and application knowledge, our hose experts go above and beyond in providing the highest level of industrial hose solutions.

In addition to hose product and service options, IBT also provides helpful information and training. We offer Hydraulic Training 101 and 102 Academy training sessions so your employees can receive several days of practical, hands-on experience in hydraulic systems. Our exceptional instructors have 20+ years of real-world experience.

For more information, contact IBT’s Hose Division experts by calling 913-677-3151 or by filling out our quick and easy contact form.

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