Automatic Lubrication Division

Automatic Lubrication Division

Automatic lubrication systems increase uptime, improve productivity, and reduce maintenance costs in any environment. It takes the guesswork out of manual lubrication of bearings, chain, and any moving parts that require cyclic lubrication. Automatic lubrication systems use on-board pump controllers or PLC interface for a self-monitoring, stand-alone system.  

IBT’s Automatic Lubrications Division designs automatic lubrication systems using a comprehensive collection of pumps, metering valves, controllers, and accessories to deliver accurate and timely lubrication of today’s modern equipment. Services include design, installation oversight, training, and start-up.

IBT Engineered Solutions Include: 

  • In-Plant Applications: Automatic lubrication systems extend equipment life cycles and improve productivity for a wide range of in-plant applications, including food production, plastics, electronics, automotive, paper, metal, and more.
  • Vehicle Service Applications: Transporting products and people consistently and economically requires always-available vehicles. Graco Auto Lubrication enables these trucks, trailers, buses, and other vehicles to run optimally with fewer maintenance issues.
  • Energy, Infrastructure and Heavy Equipment Applications: Industries include Off-Road, On-road, Energy, Construction, Mining, Oil, and Gas.  

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