Vibration Analysis Division

Vibration Analysis Division

Whether you’re reaching out in the middle of a breakdown, or scheduling a health check on your equipment, full equipment reports from IBT’s Vibration Analysis Division can provide you with invaluable insight that will save you both time and money. Misalignment and imbalance are two common causes behind unforeseen equipment failure. Vibration analysis can help you stay ahead of these and other potential problems and protect the value of your equipment.

Keep a Read on the Health of Your Equipment with IBT’s Vibration Analysis Services 

Vibration Analysis Services 

IBT’s Vibration Analysis Division will come to you, collect vibration data, then analyze and diagnose it for you. We’ll provide a detailed report within 5 business days on the details of the equipment and vibration. We’ll give you recommendations for any equipment that’s not within recommended specifications and guidance on your next steps. It doesn’t matter if it is one machine or a route of 100 machines, our Vibration Analysis Division can provide a solution for it all. 

Motion Amplification

Utilizing an Iris M motion amplification camera from RDI Technologies, IBT’s Vibration Analysis Division can film your equipment in use to analyze whether your equipment is running in resonance or vibrating excessively. This process is incredibly helpful in detecting unseen problems like looseness, excessive misalignment, and structural weakness before a failure in machinery can result in costly downtime. After our team comes on-site to perform motion amplification analysis, you’ll receive side-by-side videos, one that shows your equipment operating as seen to the human eye and one that shows your equipment operating in amplified motion. This provides an unparalleled look at the affected areas of excess vibration or motion. 

Remote Monitoring 

With innovative remote monitoring systems from Erbessd Instruments, IBT’s Vibration Analysis Division can help you maximize your production and ensure that everything is under control in your operation. These wireless vibration monitors and sensors allow our team of experts to provide advanced on-site analysis for data recording and balancing. From there, we can provide you with fast reporting on your system’s health and performance to help you identify the impact that vibration and/or imbalance has had on your equipment and prevent a potentially catastrophic failure. 

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