Automation Systems Division

Automation Systems Division

The computer control and multi-axis motion capabilities of today’s automation systems give you incredible versatility. Automation is being utilized to increase production and quality of performance while lowering the cost of goods and time to market.

Automation systems have the ability to be reprogrammed and retooled for multiple applications, eliminating the functional obsolescence which sends many single-task machines to early retirement. Automation can also integrate a series of independent operations into a unified production process.

Our Automation Solutions Include:

  • Robotics
    Industrial: Palletizing, de-palletizing, pallet dispensing, slip sheet dispensing, case packing, picking and packing, machine tending, material handling, and welding

    Collaborative: Palletizing, de-palletizing, machine tending, case erecting, case packing, assembly, valve and open mouth bag placing, and welding

    Autonomous Mobile Robots: Warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, e-commerce, data centers, healthcare, biotech, and research and development

  • Fixed Automation
    Industrial Equipment: Palletizing, pallet dispensing, slip sheet dispensing, stretch wrappers, banding equipment, pick and place (case filling), case erector, case closing and sealing, wire bending and welding, custom conveying, custom equipment design, and custom fabrication
  • Dry Bulk Solid Handling, Weighing, and Filling
    Bulk bag filling and unloading, palletizing, pallet dispensing, slip sheet dispensing, stretch wrappers, bulk container, valve bag, open mouth bag, check weigh scales, metal detection, bag closing, sewing and sealing (hot air, band and ultrasonic)
  • Pneumatic Conveying
    Blowers, filters, bag houses, airlocks, piping, and slide diverts
  • Controls
    PLC, HMI, vision, panel design and build, and pneumatic
  • Label Application/Printing
    Package label applicators/printing
  • Complementary Additions
    Tanks, hoppers, divert valves, knife gates, butterfly valves, platforms, etc.

Automation Solutions for Industrial Applications:

  • Material Handling Applications: Transfer of in-process or finished parts | Heavy or awkward loads | Toxic or hazardous materials
  • Palletizing/Depalletizing Applications: Finished shipping cases, valve and open mouth bags, drums, plastic containers | In-process or finished parts
  • Machine Tending Applications: Molding and die casting | Punch press | Lathes, mills, threaders
  • Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging Applications: Food grade products and consumer goods | Delicate materials or sterile products
  • Process Cell Applications: Small parts mechanical assembly | Sub-assembly or progressive

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