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Beltservice Corporation

Core Products

Core belting products are for general use applications, providing solutions across many industries including food production, package handling, construction and more. Core products include Heavy Duty with more than 50 separate types of black rubber belt specifications, Light Duty in a variety of compound and PVC Belts.

Application / Industry Focused Product Groups
Specialized products use unique designs and compounds for specific industries and applications such as surface finishing, chemical filtration, magnetic separation and more. The Beltwall branded sidewall belts are the industry leading solution for steep incline conveyors.

Lightweight Products
Lightweight products are made to run fast and boost energy efficiency, increasing system performance and extending belt life. Some lightweight products are made specifically for food processing while others cover industries like logistics and paper manufacturing.

Plastic Products
Our Movex plastic product line offers a comprehensive and versatile range of products including chain and modular belts, curves, sprockets, idlers and bearings. Our food grade plastics line, Modutech, is specifically designed for the food industry, combats challenges often faced in food operations.

Value Added Fabrication
Custom profiles improve base belts with extra features that boost performance and productivity. Cleats, flanges, v-guides and more can all customize general belts for specific applications.

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