Industrial Process Pumps

Meet your application’s unique needs with IBT Industrial Solutions. 

IBT Industrial Solutions can provide your business with a wide variety of industrial process pumps. This includes a wide variety of pump types and brands for many various applications and replacements. This also covers pumps, pump systems (skids) and parts. The Fluid Power group at IBT supports industrial pump applications with an experienced staff of product specialists to meet all of your applications needs. We have access to a multitude of product lines as shown below. If you need more assistance don’t hesitate to call your IBT Fluid Power specialist for assistance.

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Gear Pumps
The positive displacement gear pump design is self-priming and known for smooth, repeatable, metering pump-like dependability for pumping clean, non-abrasive liquids from low to high viscosity.
The positive displacement flexible impeller pump design is self-priming, capable of solids handling, and has a gentle, low shear pumping action for thin to viscous materials. This design is extremely economical and versatile.
The positive displacement diaphragm and oscillating pump designs are self-priming and utilize reciprocating action to move liquid. Diaphragm pumps will handle thin to viscous liquids with low to high solids content.
These self-priming, solids handling positive displacement pumps are capable of pumping thin, viscous liquids and particle laden fluids. Progressing cavity pumps deliver a pulse-free repeatable flow for normal and shear sensitive liquids.
The self-priming, positive displacement vane and roller pump designs utilize rotary motion to move liquid at low to medium pressures. The vane pump handles clean liquids with thin to medium viscosity while the roller pump design is ideal for handling small abrasives suspended in thin liquids.
The centrifugal pump design is not positive displacement. It utilizes centrifugal force to move liquid and while not normally self-priming, they are available with integral priming chambers that add self-priming capabilities. Centrifugals are ideal for recirculating or transfer of low viscosity liquids in low head, low to high volume applications.
High pressure pumps utilize the diaphragm, plunger, piston, turbine or multistage centrifugal designs. Diaphragm pumps can handle thin to viscous liquids that are clean or abrasive (slurry versions available) at medium to high pressures.
These pumps utilize a variety of pumping principles to dispense, dose or meter thin to viscous liquids that are clean, abrasive, volatile or corrosive. Drum pumps are designed to dispense liquid from barrels, totes or other containers.
These pumps typically utilize the centrifugal design. Submersible pumps are available in manual or automatic operation and are capable of handling some solids. Condensate pumps automatically evacuate accumulated liquid from a collection reservoir.
Specialty pumps encompass pumps that have been applied in narrow markets to perform very specific tasks. This section includes pool, well, well test, machine tool coolant, carpet cleaning, film developing, heliarc welder coolant, remediation, hot water boosters, closed loop recirculators, and OEM aftermarket replacements.
Hygienic/sanitary pumps utilize a wide array of pumping principles manufactured to 3A, USDA or FDA cleanliness standards to move any fluid required for food, cosmetic, beverage, pharmaceutical or bioprocess applications.
Potential configurations are limitless, but our manufacturers have the capability to build any of them, from the simplest to the most sophisticated systems. Each custom designed system is engineered and built with the specific objective of saving space, optimizing performance and minimizing cost.



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