Strongarm Industries

Strongarm Industries

Strongarm Industries

Strongarm Industries, Inc. manufactures an array of quality products including manipulators, palletizers, conveyors, loaders, stackers, special fabrications and more. Let them help you solve all troublesome packaging requirements and material handling challenges.

Work with IBT and Strongarm Industries for custom solutions as well. Strongarm Ergonomic Industrial Manipulators The Strongarm Manipulator offers ergonomic solutions to most lifting or moving problems in today’s industrial workplace.

Pneumatic, hydraulic or electrically powered, the Strongarm is designed to assist the operator with their material handling tasks. Each attachment is custom designed per application, with such features as up/down-end, rotation, tilt, etc.

There are multiple mounting options including floor or overhead. Erognomic advantages include:

  • Increased Production, Reduced Downtime
  • Prevention of Damage to Products
  • Elimination of Worker Fatigue and Injury

Tex-Seal® II Rubber Bale Wrapper
 For greater efficiency and safety, the Tex-Seal II® wrapper now seals with a thermal impulse system. Rather than staying hot all the time, thermal impulse applies heat – enough to melt and seal – only momentarily.

Production efficiency increases, because the seal begins cooling and forming before the sealing jaws open. The process is safer, too, because by the time the jaws open, the sealing elements are cool to the touch. As a further safety improvement, thermal impulse cuts the film with a sealing element, no sharp wire or knife needed.

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