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Timken: Engineered Solutions for Food & Beverage and Bulk Conveying Industries

Throughout the world, Timken brands are synonymous with quality and reliability. Timken is an industry leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance, engineered bearings for the most challenging applications, including Food & Beverage Conveyors and Bulk Conveying.

Food and Beverage

In an environment where food safety is of utmost concern, bearings must operate without corrosion and withstand harsh chemical wash-downs – all without sacrificing productivity. Conveyors are used in nearly every step of food and beverage operations, including preprocessing, thermal processing, and packaging. Timken® corrosion-resistant ball bearings and hygienic-design mounted bearings can be used in every step. 

Our solutions include:

  • Timken® IP69K hygienic bearings. Excellent at sealing out dust and water, these bearings are specifically engineered — with fully stainless construction and optically detectable blue seals — to endure high-pressure washdowns, high humidity, and excessive temperature differences. 
  • Timken® corrosion-resistant poly-round mounted bearings. Designed to be corrosion-resistant and lubrication-free, the product is ideal for applications where sanitation and contamination are priority concerns.
  • Timken® Type E mounted tapered roller bearings. These units feature industry-leading premium tapered roller bearings, high-performance seals, e-coated housings, and powerful locking collars.

Manufacturers in the food and beverage industry can trust our housed units to extend bearing life, improve production uptime, and – most importantly – help ensure food safety.

To learn more, visit www.timken.com/food.

Bulk Conveying

The bearings used in bulk material handling conveyors are expected to reliably move tons of rock, minerals, or aggregate – in any weather. With the high loads and low speeds of bulk conveyor systems, bulk conveyor applications call for mounted bearings that are engineered to stand up to high loads, physical impact, and extreme contamination. 

With improved internal geometries and the use of premium materials, Timken offers a broad line of mounted bearings designed with high load ratings in mind – resulting in longer bearing life. These durable mounted bearings are available in a variety of bearing types and mounting styles, including:

  • Timken® solid-block mounted spherical roller bearings. Engineered for the harshest conditions, these units feature multiple steel-housing and locking options with complete multi-point sealing solutions (including a full range of end covers) to optimize your uptime. This drop-in solution is interchangeable with a large range of products and keeps contaminants out for efficient operations.
  • Timken® Type E mounted tapered roller bearings. Ideal for conveyor applications that experience high radial and axial loads, these units are available in standard solid-block and self-aligning split-block mounting styles. Timken tapered roller bearings famously feature engineered profiles designed to distribute stress more evenly under high loads and/or misalignment. They also incorporate case-carburized rings and rollers, which help the bearings withstand shock loads. 
  • Timken® SNT mounted plummer block bearings. Keep lubrication in and contamination out. Protected by a split-design ductile iron or cast iron housing with a Timken high-performance spherical roller bearing inside, you get a versatile solution.
  • Timken® SAF mounted split-block bearings. Combine fast installation with reliability in rugged environments. Available with a Timken spherical roller bearing and your choice of a cast-iron, ductile-iron, or cast-steel housing, these bearings feature split-design blocks that are easy to install – reducing servicing times.

In harsh outdoor environments, dirt, dust, gravel, and water present a constant threat of contamination – negatively affecting bearing life. Timken mounted bearings feature an unrivaled multi-point sealing solution to help you keep grease in and contamination out.

Using triple-lip internal and external seals, combined with a full range of bearing end covers, our high-performance sealing solution improves grease retention while reducing contamination ingress. Compared to the leading competitor’s seal, Timken’s triple-barrier seals result in seven times less water and 40% less mud/salt slurry contamination ingress – leading to a 47% longer bearing life.

Timken also offers cast steel housings across its line of mounted bearings designed for use in bulk conveyors. Compared to traditional cast iron housings, cast steel can withstand significant impacts and shock loading without cracking or breaking. When combined with other enhancements like case-carburized rollers and inner rings, Timken mounted bearings can help improve your operations ‒ enabling you to avoid costly bearing damage and unexpected downtime.

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