Stratus Learning

Stratus Learning

An Online Industrial Training Program Powered by IBT 

Since 1968, IBT Industrial Solutions has served as an industry leader in industrial training. That’s why we’ve made our tenured in-person training program of more than five decades more easily accessible with the industry’s largest online training program, Stratus Learning. Created by learning and development industrial experts at IBT, this interactive online training was specifically designed for professionals to grow and retain their knowledge on a variety of industrial topics, spanning multiple disciplines with more than 1,200 courses. 

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“We used Stratus Learning for a team of 35 employees. The amount of detailed information in each course was incredibly helpful, and some of our guys have referred back to certain sections, even after completing courses.” -Jim R., Manufacturer, said.

Benefits of Stratus Learning Include: 

Choose from Over 1,200 Courses

Select from over 1,200 different courses related to leadership, professional skills, safety, and industrial maintenance. As our catalog grows, so does yours.

Access Power User Capabilities

Manage licenses, assign courses, upload personalized content, report on learner course completion, and view course progress.

Earn Course Certificates

Download course completion certificates for each lesson, take advantage of faster completion rates, and save your progress along the way.

Receive Personalized Course Recommendations

Get course recommendations and learning path based on your skills profile and courses you’ve previously engaged with.

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