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At its core, grain business depends on the smooth efficiency of electric motors to keep systems up and running. Many grain elevators, rice mills, dust pellet mills, flour mills, feed mills, etc. are home to some of the most demanding conditions and accident-prone environments for electric motors, therefore increasing the necessity for quality and safety.

Safety is our priority. IBT offers high-performance grain motors with the essential features you need to maintain your agriculture applications.


 With combustible dusts, oxygen and ignition sources all present in many ag environments, flames can ignite and, if not contained, spread, resulting in an explosion. Explosion-proof motors are constructed with heavy-duty enclosures that could contain an internal explosion without rupturing, should one occur. They must be clearly labeled and include flame paths, which allow hot gases to cool before escaping and protect against thermal overload. Features such as these ensure a longer motor life, safer systems, energy efficiency and overall reliability.


Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled refers to an industrial electric motor equipped with an external fan to circulate outside air across the motor. This motor is commonly used in many industrial environments, in addition to agriculture industries. A TEFC motor offers increased protection against weather, dirt and moisture that will help prevent motor failures and extend motor life

IBT partners with the best manufacturers in the business to offer our customers the best grain motors for the job.

Siemens SIMOTICS Motors

For rugged and efficient operating performance, Siemens SIMOTICS severe duty and explosion-proof electric motors are built to survive the toughest environments. Motor features include: Class F insulation, Condensation drains, Cast Iron Construction, Stainless Steel nameplate. Severe Duty Motors and Explosion-Proof Motors are Inverter Duty capable.

  • SD100 Severe Duty Motors including Division 2 Environments
  • XP100 for Gas, Vapors & Dust Ignition-Proof Environments
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Baldor offers a full line of severe duty and explosion-proof motors specifically designed for Farm/Agricultural applications. Their Farm Duty line of motors all are built with reliability at the forefront. Therefore, many motors have additional key features to protect them from harsh environments, such as: heavy duty epoxy paint, enclosed designs with sealed bearings, a lip seal, a V-ring slinger on the drive end of the motor to help to keep contaminants out and a Class B, F, and H insulation system.

  • Grain Dryer/Centrifugal Fan Motor
  • Grain Dryer/Vane Axial Fan Motor
  • Grain Stirring Motor
  • Severe Duty Motor
  • Explosion Proof Motor

Marathon Farm Duty Agricultural Motors:

Marathon’s motor line includes Severe Duty, Explosion-Proof and Farm Duty Agriculture motors━with and without C-face mounting. While all Marathon motors are built for demanding applications, ag motors are built to provide higher starting torques for them, as well. The Farm Duty line of motors are good for many applications including: feeders, conveyors, fans, compressors, spray washers, grinders, elevators and pumps. The fully-enclosed and fully-gasketed construction makes them ideal for dirty environments and the single phase motors include low-temperature manual reset thermal protectors.

  • Extra-High Torque Chore Motor® Single Phase, TEFC, Rigid Base
  • Auger Drive Motor Single Phase, TEFC, N Flange
  • Grain Stirring, Single Phase TEFC, Rigid Base
  • Severe Duty Motor
  • Explosion Proof Motor

Want To Learn More About Grain Motors?

IBT Industrial Solutions has a dedicated team of electrical product specialists who have been consulting customers on every aspect of electric motors, including grain motors, since the 1970’s. Their diversity of skills, expertise and wealth of experience is what makes IBT stand out among our competitors. From reducing energy costs, preventing motor and drive failures, to getting more life out of your current machinery━and everything in between━this team is always up for the challenge. If you’re looking to increase safety and become more productive in your grain operations, contact Joe Purcell, IBT’s Electrical Group Director, or give us a call at 913-261-2148 to learn more.



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