Hydraulic Training 102 Academy

Hydraulic Training 102 Academy

Advanced Troubleshooting of Hydraulic Components and Systems

IBT Industrial Solutions’ Advanced Troubleshooting Hydraulic Training Components and Systems course explains the safest techniques available for testing the majority of today’s hydraulic components: pressure/leak testing. Pressure/leak testing allows you to test 90% of the components in any hydraulic system without starting the prime mover, disassembling or removing the component from the system.

The majority of all hydraulic components that are replaced are still operational. We instruct students on how to test and replace only those components that are not operational, before they fail and shut down the entire hydraulic system. Reduce your down time, troubleshoot your hydraulic problems the first time – safely, quickly and very effectively.

We train on the safest, most technologically advanced simulators available on the market today. These simulators allow students to build virtually any hydraulic circuit, multiple faults are introduced and the simulator tracks the student’s progress as they learn to correct each fault.

  • $1,100
  • Includes all training materials, including a 467-page, step-by-step guide on how to correctly conduct each test, and lunch
Course Work:
Course work consists of lectures, presentations, discussion, component animations, cutaways and hands-on simulator exercises. Training will begin at 8:00 a.m. and will end no later than 4:30 p.m. each day.
Upon Completion:

Upon completion of this training, each student will be able to execute the following (and more) diagnostic procedures:

  • Pump Tests: Inlet Restriction, Internal Drain – In-circuit Flow, Internal Drain – Direct Access Flow
  • Pump/Hydraulic Motor Tests: External Drain – In-circuit Flow, External Drain – Direct Access Flow, Case Pressure
  • Directional Control Valve Test and Conversion
  • Pressure/Leak Tests: Pressure Control Valve, Check Valve, Custom Manifolds
  • Cylinders/Leakage Test
  • Hydraulic Motor Internal Drain Tests: Direct Access Flow, In-circuit Flow
  • Pressure-Compensated Pump: Setup, Adjust and Testing

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