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Crown Matting Technologies

Crown Matting Technologies

About Crown Matting Technologies

Crown Matting Technologies, a division of Ludlow Composites Corp, founded in 1943 and located in Fremont, Ohio. Crown is a matting manufacturer that specializes in customizing mats to fit commercial entrances and industrial workstation environments. We are the pioneer manufacturer of the vinyl backed mat and the patented Zedlan foam mats. We work with global suppliers and distributors to deliver quality floor matting and foam solutions to mee consumer needs and expectations.

Mission Statement

Crown Matting Technologies is a world-class manufacturer dedicated to providing the highest quality matting solutions to improve the safety, cleanliness, and comfort in the facilities of our hardworking customers.


Floor mats are an essential part of a facility safety program. When selected and installed correctly, matting solutions can help reduce maintenance costs, improve safety and increase employee comfort and productivity.

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