DuPont is the global innovation leader in scientifically-engineered products and systems that protect lives, the environment and critical processes. It is a business built on leading brands with a heritage of proven performance and protection across multiple markets.

Safety and protection are always a top priority

Different jobs require different levels of protective clothing. DuPont Personal Protection offers a wide spectrum of protective clothing including fabrics, garments and accessories to meet those varying needs. From hazardous materials protection to cleanroom products, they have you covered.

Garments Marketed under the DuPont Name Market Representatives of DuPont Fibers and Fabrics: Nomex®, Kevlar®, Protera™ Technical Representatives on fibers, fabric and standards

IBT Industrial Solutions is a top distributor of DuPont Personal Protection products, listed by hazard:

  • Level A/Vapor Producing Liquids & Gases: Tychem®, TK garments, Tychem Responder®, CSM garments, Tychem Reflector® garments, NFPA compliant Tychem garments, Decon Shower, Universal Pressure Test Kit, Cool-Guard® vest, Level A training suits, SafeSPEC™ chemical hazard assessment tool
  • Chemical: Tychem QC garments, Tychem SL garments, Tychem CPF® 3 garments, Tychem BR garments, Tychem LV garments, Tychem ThermoPro garments, Tychem SP garments, Decon Shower, Universal Pressure Test Kit, Cool-Guard vest, Level A training suits, SafeSPEC™ chemical hazard assessment tool
  • Particulate/Aerosol: Tyvek® garments, ProShield® NexGen garments, ProShield
  • Controlled Environment: IsoClean® garments, Gripper™ shoe and boot covers, SureStep™ shoe covers; Sierra® face masks
  • Fire Resistant: Tempro® garments

The following items are represented at the fiber level, not as end products:

  • Thermal/Fire/Smoke & Fire Gases: Turnout gear of Nomex
  • Electric Arc: Industrial garments of Nomex, Protera™ garments
  • Cut & Abrasion Protection: gloves of Kevlar

Don’t take a chance when it comes to protection.

Find garments with confidence using SafeSPEC™.

SafeSPEC™ is a suite of interactive tools that provides the data you need to help make informed decisions about Tyvek and Tychem protective garments; protective equipment, apparel, gloves, and sleeves made with Kevlar; and flame resistant apparel made with Nomex.


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