Through our partnership with Lenze, IBT is better positioned to help our customers meet ambitious performance and productivity goals worldwide.

Lenze is a global specialist in motion-centric automation – and, like IBT, has been a family business for many years. Lenze provides products, drive solutions, complete automation systems, engineering services and software tools to help our end-user customers build 1,000 new machine automation projects per year—from the initial machine idea to after-sale, from the control system to the drive shaft.

The Lenze Automation Solution

Services That Bring You a Sense of Ease

Our overriding goal is to make your life easier. As your partners in providing complete solutions, Lenze and IBT work hard to help you meet your goals and improve your operational efficiency.

We do this by seeing every project through from start to finish; Lenze and IBT will be there through all 5 phases of your engineering process to ensure you find the perfect solution for your machine tasks.

1 – Smart Idea Development

Intelligent and sustainable concepts, perfectly aligned to meet your specific requirements.

2 – Concise Concept Drafting

By taking a holistic view of the individual motion and control functions, a concise, end-to-end drive and automation solution is drafted – keeping everything as easy as possible and only as extensive as necessary.

3 – Implementing Solutions

Our formula for satisfied customers: an active partnership with fast decision-making processes and an individually matching offer.

4 – Manufacturing Machines

Functional diversity in perfect harmony. As a partner that can provide a few full-range solutions, IBT can provide you with precisely those products that you need for any machining task – no more and no less.

5 – Ensuring Productivity

After delivery, well-thought-out service concepts are defined to ensure continued safe operation. With the primary focus being technical and logistical support, the excellent application expertise of our highly-skilled after-sales team is available to you when you need it.

IBT is a major distributor of Lenze products, including:

  • Frequency Inverters: IP65/NEMA 4X VFDs (SMV, SMV with Integral Disconnect); IP20/NEMA 31 VFDs (i500, 8400 Baseline, and 8400 Highline); Integrated Gearmotor Drives (8400 Motec and Smart Motor)
  • Servo Drives: Servo Inverters (8400 Topline, 9400, i700 and i900);
  • Gearboxes and Geared Motors: IE1, IE2 and IE3 AC Gear Motors (MD, MH, MF, and m550 with g500); Geared Servo Motors (MCS, MCM, MCA and m850 with g700) ( Planetary Gearing (g700 and MPR/MPG)
  • Motors: IE1, IE2 and IE3 AC Induction Motors (MD, MH, MF and m550); Servo Motors (MCS,MCM,MCA and m850)
  • Controls: DIN Rail PLCs  (3200C, c300); Panel PLC (p300 and p500) Safety PLC (c250-S); Slice I/O (System 1000)

As easy as that. Lenze.

Visit their website: www.lenze.com

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