Morse Cutting Tools

Morse Cutting Tools

Morse Cutting Tools

Morse Cutting Tools offers one of the widest product ranges of production, high performance and special application cutting tools in the industry and has a long history of providing high quality cutting tool solutions to the marketplace. It all began with the ideas of one man and from those ideas grew a company that became the leader in the design and manufacturing of metal cutting tools.

Today, Morse Inventories over 25,000 varieties of cutting tools, including drills, reamers, burrs and routers, center & spotting drills, countersinks, counterbores, taps, dies, end mills and more. Imagination, technological innovation and insistence on quality are built into every Morse product.

In partnering with Morse Cutting Tools, IBT has committed to solving customers’ ever-increasing demands for greater productivity, quality and cost-effectiveness. IBT staff undergoes regular technical training with Morse personnel in order to help customers specify the best Morse application solutions available. Product categories include:

Morse Solid Carbide Drills & High Performance Drills
  • Solid Carbide Drills
  • Jobber Length Drills
  • Screw Machine Length Drills
  • Carbide Tipped Drills
  • Taper Length Drills
  • Aircraft Extension Drills

Carbide Burrs & Routers
  • Oval Shape Burrs
  • Long Shank Carbide Burrs
  • Three Shape Radius End
  • Aircraft Router Bits
  • Solid Carbide Routers
  • Carbide Diamond Fiberglass Routers

Center Drills & Spotting Drills – Counterbores – Countersinks
  • Center Drills
  • Spotting Drills
  • Combined Drills & Countersinks
  • Countersinks
  • Counterbores

Morse Taps & Dies
  • Solid Carbide Thread Mills
  • High Performance Taps
  • Onyx Tap
  • Hand Taps
  • Spiral Point Plug Taps
  • Spiral Flute taps
  • Hexagon Rethreading Dies
  • Adjustable Round Split Dies

Morse End Mills
  • Variable Flute Carbide End Mills
  • 2 & 3 Flute Single End Mills
  • 4 Flute Double End Mills
  • Multi-Flute Single End Mills
  • Ball Nose End Mills
  • Roughing & Finishing End Mills
  • Carbides Tipped End Mills
  • Solid Carbide End Mills

Milling Cutters & Saws
  • High Speed Steel Saws
  • Slitting Saws
  • Slotting Saws
  • Milling Cutters
  • Woodruff Keyseat Cutters
  • Roughing & Finishing End Mills
  • Carbide Tipped End Mills
  • Carbide Tipped Cutters

Carbide Tool Bits & Cut-Off Blades
  • Steel Cut-Off Blades
  • Carbide Tipped Tool Bits
  • Carbide Tipped Threading Tools
  • Carbide Tipped Offset Tools
  • Carbide Tipped Boring Tools
  • Standard Grade Carbide Tipped Tool Bits

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